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J-CAD Inc. is second to none when it comes to offering individuals and companies an affordable means to start 3D printing & prototyping their idea. J-CAD has been a global leader in 3D printing long before 3D printing became a sensational mainstream manufacturing process. We have been doing this since 2006 so we know what works and what doesn’t due to years of experience. Let us help you refine your design and print your product. Contact us today for a quote.

Design and Rapid Prototyping Services

J – CAD Inc. has been assisting clients turn their ideas into reality for over 10 years! Our 3D CAD design experts will help you create your mechanical CAD files required for prototyping. Once your design has been finalized we can also make prototype in house and ship to your door globally. Typical turn around time of design & prototyping is less than a week.

Prototyping is the process of turning an idea into reality. It starts with the creation of a 3D model of the prototype design as requested by an inventor, company or person. The design process may go back and forth a few times before the inventor is satisfied with the 3D model CAD design. Once the design is finalized, fabrication drawings with dimensions of all pieces are created by the CAD designer. With these drawings, the inventor can contact manufacturing companies and give them these drawings to quote the cost of making the first prototype for testing. During the prototype & testing phase of a design, sometimes it is required to make many versions and the design can change many times before a final prototype design is chosen and approved. Only through prototyping & testing can a design be perfected. Once the prototype phase is complete, the inventor can go into mass production and start manufacturing parts on a large scale.

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Why is 3d prototyping important?

Prototyping allows for testing and refining a design’s functionality

Your idea could work well theoretically but the design could contain numerous flaws in real life. Prototyping & testing a design gives you the opportunity to realize the flaws and optimize the functionality of you product before going to mass production.

Prototype development enables you to test the performance of different materials

Through prototyping you are able to test the performance of numerous materials to find out which one works best with your prototype design. It will also help you establish the combination of products that is cost effective and efficient for your product.

Prototype manufacturing enables you to understand your product better

After prototyping & testing your product, you will better understand the functionality of your product and how best it can be optimized. Then you can apply this to final design and know that your design is perfect!

As an example of our prototyping work, recently we were commissioned to design a device to change the way eggs are shipped across the USA!

J – CAD Inc. was contacted by EPI Food Safety LLC. to help them design a series of layers that will ship eggs in a totally new very efficient way!

See the full story here.

The prototype design as a 3D model

The prototype design as a 3D model