High Precision Machining and Fabrication

JCAD Capabilities for Fabrication and High Precision Machining

J – CAD Inc. has high precision – low cost machining and fabrication capabilities and can mass produce high precision parts overseas for much lower rates and ship them to your door globally. We also have facilities setup in USA and Canada for those that want their parts “Made in USA!”

Here are some pictures of an e-cigarette device J – CAD Inc. designed for a client and then had prototypes made in China. Now these parts are being mass produced by the 1000’s in China all through J – CAD inc. Contact us to find out how we can help you with the  mass production of your design quickly and affordably.

Microsystems and miniaturization of products have been very important drivers of technological changes in the recent past. The success of both of them is anchored on high precision machining. High precision machining is the removal of material by use of a cutting surface in a manner that tolerance, vibration, measurement error and bearing among other factors, is highly controlled.

J-CAD Inc. has high-tech machines capable of precision machining of a virtually unlimited numerous materials list. We also have a wide range of contacts in the plastic and foam injection molding industry. Therefore, we can make unbiased recommendations when it comes to the material suitable for several designs and applications. Our ability to grind hard materials with unmatched precision and produce 1000’s of high precision parts at low cost sets us apart from our competition and other manufacturers.

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Importance of high precision machining

Eradication of human error

Computer Controlled Machines have the capability of producing very precise components with very minimal chances of error. This reduces, if not eliminates, the setbacks caused by human errors in product manufacturing.

Reduction in material waste

Through reduction in the likelihood of errors, high precision machining reduces the likelihood of waste as well. Reducing waste also reduces the costs incurred in the purchase of raw materials required to make your parts.

High-quality products

The products of high-quality machining have no errors and are of consistent quality. Their quality is highly controlled through the control of production variation and tolerance. This makes products have extremely accurate dimensional properties that are repeated with every part.