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December 20, 2017 at 5:50 am

We all love something that looks good and catches the eye. Items or products with tons of bright color that are visually appealing will certainly attract more attention than their ‘duller’ counterparts.

To keep up with the modern day ‘instant gratification’ consumer, companies had to think outside the box to create a way of grabbing attention and marketing their brands at a higher level than regular advertising could.

Considering that esthetics have become such a huge part of our lives and within our businesses, as well as in advertising them, the continuous need for visual effects keep growing in demand.

Great visuals are the pinnacle of any awesome advertisement and are the perfect way to engage your customer, and the pinnacle of great visuals for products are product animations!

How Visuals Affect the Brain.

I won’t get too scientific here, but research has shown that visual content is filtered differently in the brain than regular print text. Visuals communicate more content, more efficiently and affect specific brain cell activity.

Visual stimulation, awareness and consciousness will improve the efficacy of signaling into the cerebral cortex. It also boosts the ratio or level of desired signal over level of desired noise. Which is a fancy way of saying that the more visual your marketing, the more it is likely to stick in a potential clients mind.

So When Did Product Animation First Begin?

Can you believe as early as the 1940’s? So, it isn’t completely new technology.

Mainly used for Engineering and scientific research purposes, it started evolving as early as the 1960’s as the need for 3-dimensional authenticity grew in popularity.

How Can Product Animations Affect Marketing?

It’s simple, people buy with their eyes. If it doesn’t look good, it won’t move off the shelf!

This is true for everything we utilize on a daily basis from cleaning materials, food, clothing, vehicles and so on.

Product animation allows the customer to see the functionality of the product before having to pay someone or to go and demo it in person. With this type of animation, the customer can imagine themselves using the product which helps bring them closer to a purchase.

Because of this, product animation can be seen to bridge the conversion funnel as well as the barrier between ‘want’ and ‘need’ when consumers shop for goods.

Aesthetically pleasing and simple to understand, product animations aid in the promotion of complex ideas and products.

It can also connect brands, boost your website’s SEO (the longer someone stays on your site watching a video the better your site is likely to perform in the search results), and improve client satisfaction and retention as they’re more likely to get the product they’re really after.

Notably, with so many people shopping online these days, using product animation to market your business is a great way to showcase items that may not necessarily be modeled in retail spaces.

This could also assist in cutting down on production costs due to the fact you’re avoiding high rent and employee payments.

There are numerous platforms you can use to create brand awareness through your product animation, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. and even on television at storefront level if appropriate.

Ultimately, the goal is to give the illusion that the customer can see and almost touch the item they are potentially shopping for.

So, there you have it. If you aren’t already using product animations to market your business, give us a call on 1.888.202.2052 or send an email to and let’s talk about how product animations can help your business grow!

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