Make your product ideas a reality!

JCAD Inc. is a one-stop-shop specializing in computer aided design (CAD) and drafting, 3D printing, prototyping and mass production. That means we can help take your product idea step by step from initial sketches, to 3D rendering, to 3D printed prototype and then mass production. We have helped people all over the globe get their ideas out to the world!

Check out our process for creating your product below

  • You have an amazing product idea

    You have an amazing idea, but you don’t know how to take it from concept to creation. Good thing you found us!

  • Planning

    Send us information about your idea (we sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep it safe). This is typically in the form of a sketch of your idea including some rough dimensions, a picture of a similar idea or product or any other information that might help us understand what you need.

  • We send you a quote

    Within 24 hours we will review your information and send you a quote to design and 3D print your part(s). Most of our customers are pleasantly surprised at this point!

  • Approve the job and we get to work!

    Review and approve the quote and let us design/print your product. We 3D print your design in almost any material and color you specify including, metals, plastics, ceramics and a new flexible material!

  • Follow the process as we create your idea

    During the design phase you can see what we’re creating for you in 3D by downloading FREE 3D viewer software called eDrawings

  • We ship your product direct

    Once the design is finalized and printed we can ship it to you, wherever you are in the world.

  • Take your idea to the world!

    Once you’ve checked your prototype we can help you take it to the world with mass production and press for your idea!

The entire process from your first call to us to holding your part(s) in your hands is typically only a week!

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“Being in this business allows us to work with some of the worlds most talented, forward-thinking individuals and companies. They come to us with great ideas for products that will make the world a better place…and we get to design it for them! The best part for me, is when we get to see it come to life through our prototyping program and mass production service we offer at J – CAD Inc. It is the main reason I started this business!”

– Jason Vander Griendt | CEO | J – CAD Inc.

JCAD International helps businesses big and small

We regularly work with big corporations such as SIEMENS, Zivelo and SNC Lavalin, on large scale projects, but also with individuals and small businesses looking to make their very first 3D print or prototype. We have a vast network of connections allowing us to support clients all around the globe.

Meet our CEO Jason in this introductory video to find out more about how JCAD can bring your vision to life by taking your ideas from concept to prototyping and mass manufacturing.

Including the following major brands

If you can dream it up,
we can design it, prototype it and build it!

This is an exciting time in an exciting industry. JCAD has helped businesses and entrepreneurs alike to create a huge range of products from basic mechanical parts right through to 3D printed fantasy figurines and designer footwear!

If you’ve been beating your head against a wall trying to teach yourself how to use 3D CAD software we’re here to help. It’s surprisingly fast and affordable to employ our CAD services and have us turn your concept sketches in 3D designs ready for filing a patent, or creating a prototype of your product. Let our experts take care of digitizing your ideas, so you have more time to come up with new ones!

JCAD International has a long history in the world of 3D printing, having adopted the technology long before it gained widespread publicity and became more mainstream. Perfect for prototyping products, or creating limited edition product runs, you won’t believe the amazing things you can create almost out of thin air!

Once you’ve made any final adjustments to your design, it’s time to get it out to the world! With global manufacturing partners we can handle production numbers from the 100s to 1000s and more. And once your product is ready, our connections in the world of product development can help you get your product or invention press coverage to give it the kickstart it needs to reach your desired audience.

If 3D printing a prototype is out of your budget, you might like to consider a 3D animation of your product idea. Many of our clients begin with an animation in order to raise vital funding to help make their projects a reality. Couple our animations with virtual reality technology and you can explore your product design from every conceivable angle until you’re happy it’s perfect.

JCAD International has been featured in these great publications

My name is Kevin Connors. I was currently in the works of creating a product that would be an evolutionary inventive achievement in footwear but I needed help. The only thing I knew is that it would need to be modeled and designed from scratch. I contacted some injection molding companies but many were outrageously priced for me and I couldn’t afford it. I was in fear of never even being able to get my product off the ground until I found J-CAD Inc., a place where the service is incredible and prices were amazing compared to the other places I had spoken to. I was saving thousands of dollars just in the first design stage as well as 3D printing and prototyping with them. I came to J-CAD Inc. with little money and no idea of how it was going to work and with the help of Jason, the CEO of J – CAD Inc., he was able to craft me the exact piece to fit my product perfectly. He designed my idea and 3D printed a prototype of exactly what I wanted and need to take this idea to the next level! This is one business that I would personally recommend to anyone who is looking to design their idea with CAD design, 3D printing & injection molding from a small to a large scale, I am very satisfied with his services.

Kevin Connors
Kevin Connors, Minnesota, USA