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At JCAD we’re passionate about helping business big and small bring their product innovations step-by-step from concept to reality.

J – CAD Inc. opened for business in 2006 and since then has been helping clients globally with 3D CAD Design Services, 3D Printed parts, Mold Making, Welding, Machining, Fabrication & Mass Production!

J – CAD Inc. has been involved in the 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping Industry since it’s beginning and for this reason we are highly experienced in knowing what can and cannot be done. There are virtually no limitations to 3D printing but with J – CAD Inc’s experience in the industry, we can guide and help you determine the best method to achieve what you’re looking to do.

J – CAD Inc. has the capability to design your files for you (or convert files created elsewhere) and then 3D Print your design and ship to you globally. After the prototyping phase, we can also assist with injection mold making and mass production, shipping your mold or parts by the 1,000’s world wide!

We can even help you get press for your idea, or support you in crowdfunding your next project with product prototyping and animations, email marketing and campaign creation.

“People have great ideas…we turn them into reality!”

– Jason Vander Griendt | CEO | J – CAD Inc.

Yes, it’s true! Turning your idea into reality has never been easier or surprisingly affordable! J-CAD Inc. is second to none when it comes to offering individuals and companies an affordable means to start designing, 3D printing & prototyping their idea. Let us help you refine your design product. Contact us today for a quote.

We will help develop a 3D CAD design of your product you can use for 3D printing, prototyping & mass production.

The file we create for you can be sent to any 3D printing, prototyping & mass production company in the world so you don’t have to stay with us after the design is complete (but we’d love it if you did!)

Just send us a sketch with dimensions, an image of a similar product or a 2D file of your desired product. Once we see what you need to do we can easily quote your entire project in just a few minutes. Call us today for a quote, or learn more about the product development industry through our blog.

Our 3 Company Goals

  • To be the biggest, most well known 3D design, 3D printing & prototyping company in the world.
  • To work with the biggest corporations and the smallest individuals, helping them both develop their ideas that could change the world for the better.
  • Being recognized for our ability to quickly develop brilliant ideas and turn them into great products.

What we stand for

Our Mission

To make creating things as easy as possible for everyone!

Our Vision

To be the company EVERYONE with an idea decides to work with because we can do it quickly, easily and affordably!

Our 7 Core Values

Passion, Ideas, Innovation, Engineering, Simplicity, Speed & Low Cost!

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Why Work with us

  • 15 Years of experience
  • Quick, Easy and Affordable!
  • Over 1000 Happy Clients
  • Services all around the Globe

Client Reviews

Such a great company! Very quick and amazing results! I did a lot of research and talked with lots of other companies and these...
Bailey Beck
Most cost effective, high-quality, and efficient way to get your product idea out there and in production no matter what your market is !
Veilour Limited