Please note: We are not suppliers of recycled ocean plastic, our focus is on manufacturing with recycled ocean plastic materials if a client requests it.

If you are looking for a place to buy the material directly, please contact an ocean plastic recycling company such as Plastic Bank or Honest Ocean.

Also note that you cannot make anything out of 100% recycled ocean plastic because it is so broken down and weak as a material, as a result of floating in salt water and being in full sun every day for years. The suppliers of recycled ocean plastic recommend a 25% / 75% mix where 25% is recycled and 75% is virgin.

In our experience, manufacturing with ocean plastic raises the cost of a part by 10%-30%.

Last updated: 7th February, 2023

Depending on how plastic is created, used and recycled or disposed of, it can help the environment or cause a huge amount of harm to it. Unfortunately in many cases, the effects of plastic consumption are harmful rather than helpful, as is the case with the vast amount of plastics which are ending up in our waterways and oceans, creating huge gyres or garbage patches of plastic in multiple places around the globe.

If you’re new to this issue, and want to know why plastics in our oceans are an issue and why you might want to choose recycled ocean plastic as an ethical manufacturing material, we highly recommend watching the following documentary, A Plastic Ocean, which will give you an eye-opening (and terrifying) look at the extent of the pollution our seas are facing.

If you want the summarized version, here are some common questions around the issue:


What causes ocean plastic pollution / where does all the plastic in our seas come from?

A large percentage of plastic pollution is due to commercial fishing operations, specifically plastic fishing nets, which make up approximately 46% of the plastic in our seas. The rest of the plastic come from plastic bottles, bags, and all manner of other plastic products you can think of large and small. Learning about this topic highlights the importance of recycling properly, and being careful with consumption of plastic goods and products in the first place.

How much plastic pollution goes into the sea every year?

It’s hard to know exactly how much plastic goes into the ocean every year, as most research has been done on the cumulative amount of plastics in our waterways. A close estimate however could be around 15 million tons per year and growing.

The facts are scary. Some estimates claim that by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish. In 2018 there were 384 million tons of plastic in the ocean, a staggering 5+ trillion pieces. The largest plastic gyre covers approximately 1.6 million square kilometres.


How does ocean plastic pollution affect humans and animals?

Apart from being a terrible eyesore, over time, plastic in the ocean breaks down and enters the ecosystem. Chemicals from the broken down plastic enter the water, and animals that live on the sea end up either consuming large amounts of plastic, or being trapped in it or strangled, unable to free themselves and dying slow and horrible deaths.

As these plastics enter the food chain, humans are affected also, as the fish we consume have plastic remnants and the chemicals from them in their system. It’s also thought that microfibres caused by broken down plastic enter our bodies, and that most people are likely to have plastic microfibres in their bodies right now.

What is the solution, can ocean plastic be recycled?

Yes it can! There are some amazing scientists and conservationists out there who have worked out solutions to clean up our ocean. The Ocean Cleanup project for instance, linked to above, has developed a system that they predict could clean up 50% of the largest plastic garbage patch in just 5 years.

Examples of Products / What Type of Items Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic:

Almost anything can be manufactured out of recycled ocean plastic. Some of the innovative things which are currently being mass produced are plastic jewelery, skateboards, and even kayaks! A great way to use recycled ocean plastic to get people back out on the water in an environmentally friendly way. Another interesting solution could be to use recycled ocean plastics to create fishing lures. We have a service that can help you create molds for custom fishing lures. Once the mold is created, use recycled ocean plastic to cast the lures (pun intended). That way you can help save the ocean and create a profitable product at the same time!

Here are some more examples: Bracelets, shoes, fabric, iphone cases,  sunglasses, swimwear / bikinis, clothing, packaging, yarn / string, sandals, denim, daypacks, furniture, buttons and more!

Where to Buy Recycled Ocean Plastic / How to Find a Good Supplier

Because recycled ocean plastic is a fairly new concept, it can be difficult to find manufacturers who are able to use the recycled material in their manufacturing.

It can also be difficult to try and source the material itself (we know, it took us a good amount of time!).

If you need someone who can manufacture your parts or products from plastic cleaned out of the ocean we can definitely help.

But if you’re just looking for a supplier of recycled ocean plastic we can help with that too. We can ship whatever quantity of material wherever you would like throughout the world.

Before you do that though, make sure you get a quote from us for the full manufacturing process. You may just be surprised how inexpensive the process will be to get JCAD – Inc. to manufacture your project from start to finish.

Companies With Initiatives to Use Recycled Ocean Plastic in Their Products:

Some of the biggest brands in the world (and also lots of lesser known ones) are starting to use recycled ocean plastic in their products and packaging.

What sort of brands? Here are just a few (you can click on their logos to read about their initiatives using recycled plastic from the sea):

If you want to make a positive impact on the world and protect it for future generations, as well as helping take your brand and products to the next level, using recycled ocean plastic to manufacture your products might be just what you need.

Fill out the quote form, get in touch via live chat, or give us a call today on 1-888-202-2052 and let’s talk about how to make recycled plastics work for your project!

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