Computer Aided Design for 3D Printing

Need Help Creating a File for 3D Printing?

We will help develop a 3D CAD design of your product that you can use for 3D printing, prototyping & mass production. The file we create for you can be sent to any 3D printing, prototyping & mass production company in the world so you don’t have to stay with us after the design is complete (but we’d love it if you did!).

Just send us a sketch with dimensions, an image of a similar product or a 2D file of your desired product. Once we see what you need to do we can easily quote your entire project in just a few minutes. Call us today for a quote on 1-888-202-2052.

3D Printing Online and 3D CAD Modeling

3D CAD software makes it possible to create 2D and 3D objects. Besides drawing components, we can perform both their strength and dynamic analysis using FEA analysis (finite element analysis) to the parts and determine if they will be strong enough for the application before creating them. 3D CAD design enables us to create 3D printed models and test them before moving to the manufacturing phase. There are many 3D CAD software packages available. AutoCAD, Solid Works, Unigraphics, Catia, and Inventor are just some of the 3D CAD software products available. J-CAD Inc. can work in any and provide you with a 3D STL file you can use to 3D print your project.

Listen to our CEO Jason discussing 3D printing with Jeff from 3D Masterminds

The process from sketch to final product

Process from Computer aided design to 3 d print

We’d love to help you bring your ideas to reality. Use the chat box or contact form below to send us your project brief or contact us directly on 1-888-202-2052 and we’ll get a quote back to you in 5-10 minutes!

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How does 3D printing work?

3D printing is based on stereolithography. It is a laser based process. It works with polymer resins that react with a laser beam to cure and form a solid. It is a very precise and accurate process. The polymer resin is contained in a vat that is held by a movable structure. The laser beam is the directed in the X-Y axes across the resin. The resin hardens precisely where the laser beam hits during motion. After every layer is complete, the vat is moved to a location where it adds another layer of resin in the Z- axis. This process is repeated until the object is complete.

The motion information of the laser is supplied to the 3D printing machine by the .stl file. STL file format is the primary file format for 3D printing. There is, therefore, need to convert whichever file format of the numerous 3D CAD software file types into STL format so that you can print out your object. Some 3D CAD software products are capable of converting their file formats to STL format, but sometimes they are not able to.

J-CAD can convert files for you and create your files as well. Call us today to find out how to get started!

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The Just of It.

In conclusion, 3D design and printing is a rapidly evolving and growing industry and it’s clear that it’s more complicated than we think.

Becoming an expert in this field takes time, effort and a tremendous amount of dedication, especially when working and manufacturing on a large industrial or commercial scale.

It is an industry that’s moving so swiftly that continuously improving your knowledge, skills, and services is the key to staying competitive in this ever-changing consumer market.

If, however, your 3D models are made correctly and to specification, you’re left with beautiful designs, or parts that can be assembled to create wondrous tools and or machinery that can complete pretty much any task at any level.