Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Designing, Prototyping and Mass
Manufacturing Your Product Idea

You will learn

  • Where to Get Started (aka I have an idea for a product, now what?)
    • Will my product be successful?
    • Doing research using Facebook’s Audience Insights Tool
    • Research your competitors well, my friend
    • Do I need to see if it’s unique, that someone else has not already invented it?
    • Is this product going to make me rich?
    • Know how to price your product
    • Getting your idea ready for market
  • How to protect your idea
  • From Idea to Reality (or How to get an idea out of your head)
    • A summary of the product development process
    • Choosing and working with a design company in the initial stages Technical validation
    • will what I’m planning work?
    • Will I need to involve a standalone product designer / industrial designer / engineer in the process or should I go with a company?
    • How to find a good company or freelancer to work with
  • Do I need to prototype my idea before manufacturing?
    • The most cost and time effective way to make a professional prototype
    • Factors that can drive the cost of prototyping up
  • How do I go from prototype to mass production?
    • How to get the best return on your dollar
    • How do I find a manufacturer? Is onshore or offshore manufacturing best?
  • Last bits and pieces to think about (aka product packaging and marketing)
    • When should you factor in packaging?
    • What about marketing?
    • Doing your own marketing
  • That’s it, go take action and make your product idea a reality!

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