Marketers Are Using 3D Printing to Help Their Clients Grow!

Marketing is an essential component of any business’ activities. A robust marketing campaign can propel customer engagement, reputation, sales, market visibility, as well as give it an edge over its competitors.

As technology evolves, so do marketing tactics. Consider the transition from ads in print to social media, which has completely altered the way in which we approach marketing today. One of the other advancements in technology that has a profound impact on this is 3D printing, which is now being used by savvy marketing companies to help their clients grow in new and unique ways!

3D printing offers lots of marketing possibilities, especially at events, such as expos and tradeshows.

How 3D Printing Can Be Used to Help Marketers and Publicists Promote Brands at Events

3D printing is a contemporary technology that can be easily incorporated into events to promote brands. One of the best ways this tool can be used is as a method to encourage interaction with prospective clients.

A good example of brand promotion by virtue of 3D printing is Coca Cola’s introduction of new, smaller bottles in Israel. The company set up a printing station and gave consumers who won a contest miniature 3D-printed statues of themselves.

With personalization and the creation of memorable experiences, 3D printing can help you stand out from the crowd at events. Event attendees are generally interested in the possibilities of this technology. All companies have to do is to tap into this interest and leverage it to their benefit.

Beyond that, 3D printing can be used to quickly create incredible tradeshow booths that would be time consuming and expensive if made by traditional craftspeople.


With So Many People Looking at a Huge Number of Exhibitors, How will you help your client’s stand out at their next tradeshow or event?

The Different Possibilities of 3D Printing for Marketers and Marketing Companies

Product Creation on the Spot

With 3D printing, it is possible to create promotional, personalized, or sample products on demand. As a result, marketers can utilize the excitement surrounding the technology by using it to create complementary products on the spot. This possibility also eliminates the logistical issues associated with sourcing samples or promotional merchandise from a manufacturer.

Unique Booth Presentation

Because there is so much interest in 3D printing at the moment, adding 3D printed elements to your tradeshow or event booth can create interest, start conversations and otherwise help your clients’ brands stand out. With 3D printing, the sky is the limit. If you can imagine it, we can create it, in a wide range of different materials, that can be finished in an endless number of ways.

Make Your Branding Stand Out

Branding is central to most marketing strategies. With 3D printing, the branding possibilities at events are endless. A company can design and create a wide range of banners and other promotional items to draw attention and add interest to its presentations.

At tradeshows and expos, prominent and visually appealing branding is essential, as the company will be representing itself surrounded by its competitors. 3D printed displays can also provide more information about the products and services that the company has to offer through a useful combination of visual enticement and knowledge.

Adding Value and Inspiring Media Coverage

Another possibility that 3D printing brings to the table is that of added value. For example, DVV, a Belgian insurance provider, lets its clients scan their car keys and save the data on a server. When a client loses their car key, the company will 3D print them a new one.

Marketers can follow a similar approach during events by using 3D printing to solve everyday problems and differentiate their companies from their competition. Unique solutions like this really make a brand stand out, and can get media attention and coverage that can boost your clients’ business well beyond the scale of the event.

Top 10 Uses for 3D Printing at Tradeshows & Events

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