Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

We understand that your ideas are valuable and you don’t want anyone stealing them. That’s why on request we’re happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement before we start working together – we sign them every day!

Download your free NDA template here, fill it out and send it back to us, we’ll sign it then lets get to work making your product or part idea a reality!

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E-Drawings – Free 3D Viewer Tool

Use the link below to download a Free 3D viewer tool that allows you to see the design J – CAD Inc. is creating for you!

Want to see how it works? Click below and wait for the screen to load. Zoom in and out and rotate by clicking your mouse and holding while dragging.

Try eDrawings Here

Free eDrawings for Windows

Free eDrawings for Mac

Free eDrawings for iPhone / Android

E-drawings will let you view files from Autocad, Autodesk, DSCatia, DSsolidworks and more..


Our Partners

Make My 3D File has revolutionalized the 3D printing industry by offering people a 3 step process to have their designs made. Simply select your projects’ complexity, upload project info and make your payment. Your 3D STL file will be emailed to you in 1-3 days.

Watch their video showing just how easy it is!

Objex Unlimited 3D Printing Studio: Toronto’s 3D Printing and 3D Service Experts

Combining cutting edge technology, art and engineering, Objex Unlimited designs and produces highly detailed 3D printing models, rapid prototypes and outstanding, unique personalized products. is Courtroom – 3D – Evidence

Canada’s first 3D Printing company dedicated to providing models for the courtroom to help lawyers, paralegals and expert witnesses bolster their case activities.

3D Hubs is an excellent website for anyone looking to have something 3D printed locally to them anywhere in the world. Anyone with a 3D printer can join the community and offer their 3D printing capabilities to anyone that is looking for it.

3D Printing Dublin is a 3D printing sales and service company offering prototyping and large scale production in house. Located in downtown Dublin, Ireland, you can stop by and see your project being printed or stop in and shop the many printers they have for sale!

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