3D Printing is a perfect solution for unique logos and signage

How you brand your business heavily influences how people perceive your company and the value it provides your customers. Businesses that effectively and memorably implement branding strategies are setting themselves up for success.

Effective branding helps improve a company’s recognition, business value, and consumer trust in the marketplace. Additionally, building a strong brand will support other marketing practices, such as advertising. Effective branding is, ultimately, one of the things that determine a business’s success.

Crucial components of branding involve the development of a brand personality and its integration into every aspect of your business – usually in the form of logos, signage, and taglines. Your brand should be reflected in every interaction the customer has with your business. 3D printing is the perfect solution to create unique logos and signage for your business from small scale items that people can keep on their desks, right through to large scale signage, that can be cheaper and more flexible than regular sign making!

How Companies Can Use 3D Printing as Part of Their Branding

3D printing is slowly but surely revolutionizing branding as a marketing practice. This technology can be used in the creation of a wide range of tangible branding objects, including business cards, advertisements, banners, notices, packaging, and even the products that the company sells.

In the past, businesses were limited to conventional business cards, teardrop or telescopic banners, rectangular billboards, and simple promotional products like pens, calendars, or drinkware. With 3D printing, your imagination is practically the limit.

Businesses can drive customer engagement with an unlimited range of 3D printed items, including phone cases, tap handles, business cards and holders, keychains, succulent planters, bottle openers, desktop phone stands, wine bottle accessories, pen toppers, and USB sticks.

3D printing also makes new banner and billboard designs possible that businesses can use for public advertising.


Below are just a few examples of how you could
show off your brand with 3D printing

Why 3D Printing is Better
Than Traditional Sign Makers

3D printing provides a whole new way of creating signage
and, as far as contemporary inventions go, it is one of the most promising
technologies of our time for revolutionizing branding and marketing.

There are many advantages to 3D printing for branding purposes:

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