Patent Drawings and Idea Process

J – CAD Inc. works with many clients globally helping them design prototypes or providing them with patent drawings through our CAD drafting services. Once the design is approved, we can easily make your prototype part(s) and ship them to your door for product approval. After assisting you with your prototype & patent process, we can also assist you with mass production as we have mold making and manufacturing capabilities as well.

International Patent Drawings Requirements

  • Black ink on white paper.
  • Color is rarely allowed, and only when the color is necessary to describe the invention (a separate petition must be submitted to the USPTO before color is allowed).
  • Photographs are only allowed where photographs are the only practical method of displaying the invention. For example, inventions involving a scientific gel are not suitable for drawings, and photographs are more appropriate to physically demonstrate the invention.
  • The paper must be white, matte (non-shiny), flexible and strong. Writing is only allowed on one side of the paper.
  • The paper size must be either 21cm by 29.7cm or 21.6cm by 27.9 cm (8 1/2 by 11 inches)
  • Each page must have margins of specific length on all sides (visit to find the specific dimensions).
  • The drawing(s) must contain as many views as necessary to properly show the invention. Exploded views and blown-up partial views of specific portions of the invention may be used. If you do need to show different views of the invention, the drawings must be grouped together and facing the same direction on the page.
  • Drawings are preferred to be in upright form (as opposed to the horizontal landscape drawings).
  • The drawing should be drawn on a scale that will not be crowded when reproduced at 2/3 size. Indications like “full scale” or “1/2 scale” are not acceptable since they lose their meaning with reproduction in a different format.
  • Shading is encouraged where it aids in understanding the invention.
  • Numbers are preferred to letters as reference characters in a drawing. When using letters, the English alphabet must be used.

Hire J – CAD and we will provide you with drawings that meet these requirements.

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Prototyping your product before patenting it

Before you apply for a patent on your idea it’s worthwhile refining your design until it is perfect. The best way to do that is to have us create a CAD file of your idea and 3D print it.

To get started with a prototype or patent drawing we typically need a sketch, a PDF, an image file, or an existing CAD file.

Steps to prototype a product

  1.  Send us a sketch of your idea including some rough dimensions of parts or send us a picture of a similar idea or product.
  2. Let us quote a price of creating the 3D CAD files you need to send to the 3D printer or fabrication shop.
  3. Approve the quote and let us design the product.
  4. You can see what we’re creating in 3D by downloading this FREE 3D viewer software called eDrawings. Download it for FREE ==> here <== and install it in only 30 seconds.
  5. Once the design is finalized, we can quote how much it will cost to 3D print it or manufacture and ship it to you, wherever you are in the world. We ship over night to any part of the globe!
  6. We 3D print or manufacture your design in whatever material and color you specify and ship to you.
  7.  DONE! Entire process from calling us to holding your idea in your hands is typically about a week. Yes! Just a week and you’ll have your idea in your hands!

Here is a typical sketch we get from a customer and what we turn it into:

Creating your patent drawing

Once a prototype is designed and finalized, it may be a good idea to have the design patented so that no one can copy it. A Patent is a legal document that basically says this design is the property of this person and cannot be copied and profited on. If someone goes against what is stated in the patent document, the patent owner can take legal action against the person violating the patent. Usually a patent requires CAD drawings of the design which is something that states the size of the design, it’s materials, it’s purpose etc.

J – CAD Inc. works with many clients all over the globe providing both Prototyping design and Patent drawings.

Here is a typical patent drawing we provide to a client which they then submit to their patent lawyer.

How to number patent drawings

USPTO Guide to Preparation of Patent Drawings

What is patent drawing sectional view?

Provisional Patent Drawing Rules

 Non-Provisional Patent Application Templates

Can I use Google SketchUp for Patent Drawings?

So you’re wondering if you can use Google SketchUp for your patent drawing needs. Well, the simple answer is yes. It’s a great program with many happy users. However, it does have its limits and certain parts of the program may not agree with your needs.

The free program is centered more towards 3D illustrations than 2D. However, with SketchUp Pro you can take your 3D projects and export them to 2D and 3D CAD applications. SketchUp Pro is bundled with LayOut, so you can create 2D presentations of your SketchUp drawings with it.

Not only is the program easy to use, but it also provides some helpful tools for creating some pretty awesome stuff! There are also tons of tutorials on YouTube on how to use the program, helpful tips and tricks about how to create certain types of drawings, etc.

While it may not be the go-to program for Patent Drawings, it is a good alternative for those who may not have the money to spend on a really extravagant program.