3D printing has changed the world!

Yes, it’s true! Turning your idea into reality has never been easier or surprisingly affordable!

Listen to our CEO Jason discussing 3D printing with Jeff from 3D Masterminds

There are quite a number of 3D printed products that have changed the world since commercialization of 3D printing in 2007 . Check out some of them below and call us today to find out how to get your next product idea printed.

3D character design

Have you ever dreamt of having your own action figure? With the accessibility of 3D printing that’s now a reality! We have helped many individuals and businesses develop 3D CAD files for 3D printed sculptures, figurines, action figures, miniatures and more.


Makerbot – 3D Printer Manufacturers
$0 – $400 million company in 5 years!!

How an art teacher was able to revolutionize the personal 3D printer industry and allow anyone to become a creator.

The story of how someone that knew nothing about 3D printing was able to build a leading company in four years and sell it for $403 million

3D Printing in Outer Space!!

NASA recently sent an email to the International Space Station (I.S.S.) containing the instructions for a 3D printer to 3D print a wrench they needed to make repairs on board.

Nasa was responding to a request by ISS commander Barry Wilmore for a ratcheting socket wrench.

Previously, if astronauts requested a specific item they could have waited months for it to be flown up on one of the regular supply flights.

Mike Chen, founder of Made In Space, the company behind the 3-D printer, said: “We had overheard ISS Commander Barry Wilmore (who goes by “Butch”) mention over the radio that he needed one, so we designed one in CAD and sent it up to him faster than a rocket ever could have.”Read the full story here

The dark side of 3D Printing – Making Weapons

Some people are using 3D printing to make weapons including guns. The good news is that the material 3D printers print is not strong enough to safely fire the weapons putting the weapon users in great danger and risk of death or injury.

The 3D printed weapons are still considered weapons in most countries and owners still face the same consequence as if it were a real weapon.  ***Disclaimer*** By posting this J – CAD Inc. is not providing legal advice on 3D printed weapon ownership or advice on properly using 3D printed weapons. Moreover, we do not endorse the use of any weapons 3D printed or other. See the full story here.

Terminator-Inspired 3D Printer “Grows Objects”

3D printing process that harnesses light and oxygen has been demonstrated at the Ted (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference in Vancouver.

Carbon3D said its “game-changing” process could make objects such as car parts, medical devices or shoes. The technique was inspired by the film Terminator 2, in which the T-1000 robot rises from a pool of metallic liquid. Read the full story here

3D Printed “Left-Shark” from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Half Time show goes Viral! H3

The “Left-Shark” from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl 2015 Half Time show who missed a few steps has become a viral 3D print.
Left Shark became a viral hit after appearing to forget its steps during a routine with the 30-year-old artist.

3D-printing is becoming an increasing headache for companies trying to protect their intellectual property.

Falling costs of 3D printers, coupled with a growing community of model designers, means many small products can be made to a relatively high quality.

In a letter, the lawyers said Perry had not consented to the use of the shark, which was being sold through Shapeways.com.

It is being printed and supplied by Shapeways and J – CAD Inc.. See the full story here

Even the airline industry is using 3D printing!

Even the airline industry is using 3D printing to make complex parts for commercial jets. The new Airbus A350 uses over 1000 3D printed parts!!
In a statement the US-Israeli firm said that its Stratasys FDM 3D Production System had been used to produce “more than 1,000″ flight parts” for the first-of-its-type A350 XWB aircraft, delivered in December 2014.

The process helped Airbus ensure it met its own delivery deadlines to airlines.

“From what I can gather it’s certainly unprecedented in scale,” said James Woodcock, an expert on 3D printing with Rapid News.

Injured Sea Turtle Gets 3D Printed Jaw!

This poor guy lost his jaw but due to 3D printing technology his life is back to normal.
The beak, made of medical-grade titanium, replaces the loggerhead turtle’s jaws, half of which were sheared off in the accident.

Detailed scans of the injured creature’s head were used to generate the design of the prosthetic beak.

If the prosthetic is not rejected by the turtle, the animal will be returned to the sea shortly.

The 45kg (99lb) creature was taken to the sea turtle Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation centre at Pamukkale University in Denizli, Turkey soon after being found badly injured at sea.

See the full story here.

Metal Bridge gets 3D Printed in Mid Air!

They are planning to 3D print a metal bridge in mid air by a robot without human interference. Read the full story here.

3D Printed Promotional Products

Nowadays, making money with 3D design and 3D printing is easier than ever before.  Just take as an example all those 33,000 promotional products companies in the U.S. generating more than 20 billion dollars per year.

These companies create customized products that aid in supporting and expanding brand recognition. These are actually the tiny giveaways you may receive as a gift with purchase or be given at an important conference. From pens and bottle openers with a brand’s logo, the 3D printing provides endless options.

Whether you’re a beginner or expert in the business world, you might reap fantastic benefits of the 3D printed promotional products. With these products, it’s simple to create something unique and personal for your corporate event or trade show. Moreover, the 3D printed promotional products can turn your family reunion into a special event everyone will remember forever.
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The promotional products industry has existed for many years and it has helped many individuals and businesses. But it’s only now that 3D printing is available and affordable, the majority of people start discovering its perks in the promotional products industry. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to use this 3D printing technology as they’re all about creating personalized and unique things, which also can be personalized for the whole company.A growing number of entrepreneurs confess that they use the 3D printed promotional products to help their customers remember their brand names. This helps to stand out in the customer’s memory and make people buy your products or use your services. After all, providing your customers with something unique to take away is a smart way to do it. Isn’t that what the entire promotional products industry is all about?/

It’s not only about customers, though. Many employers use the 3D printing giveaways as small gifts or rewards for their employees. Professionals stay working in the company when they feel appreciated. The 3D printed promotional products are an excellent way to express your appreciation and boost their productivity level. The win-win solution!
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3D Printed Promotional Products Are NOT a Missed Opportunity

The modern promotional product companies are failing to take an advantage of 3D printing. Perhaps, it’s because of this industry’s structure or not knowing much about the perks of the 3D printing giveaways. Yet, more and more businesses agree that 3D printing offers an enormous opportunity for the 3D printed promotional products. It’s a creative way to provide your customers, employees, or family members with something unique that’s not easily to get elsewhere. The sky is the limit when it comes to 3D printing.

Top 10 Most Popular 3D Printed Products

Nowadays 3D printing has finally reached its tipping point and there are millions of 3D products available these days, but what are the most popular ones?
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    1. SLR camera
      With the rising cost of SLR cameras, the 3D printed versions are growing in popularity these days. For only $30 in parts, it’s possible to get a fully-functional SLR camera in less than 15 hours. The camera works well with most photographic lens and can produce some quality pictures. While the picture’s quality isn’t professionally excellent, the camera gives some really cool effects. It’s also possible to the 3D print lens.
    2. Musical instruments
      3D printed musical instruments, such as guitars, violins, and flutes, are all the rage now. The instruments aren’t professional quality, yet you can play them to bring joy to you and those around you.
    3. Smartphone cases
      Gone are the days where smartphone cases were essential for protecting your delicate device from scratches, water damage, breakage, and more. Today, millennials use their phone cases to express their personalities or life goals. 3D printing allows you to create any smartphone case you could only imagine. From movie characters and sports teams to inspirational quotes and pictures of family members, 3D printed smartphone cases come in a great variety of styles.
    4. Gadget accessories
      Apart from the phone cases, you can also 3D print a host of gadget accessories the iPhone (or any other smartphone) wall mounts for charging, clever iPad stands, and the gear wraps for those pesky tangling cords. Moreover, you can 3D print a phone amplifier to improve the sound quality of your phone’s built-in speaker.
    5. Party accessories
      One of the most popular 3D printed party accessories is definitely a 10-way dispenser that allows filling all the shot glasses in equal amounts and at one time. You can also use it to fill up your cups with coffee or tea in case you have 10 people living or visiting your house. Other 3D printed party accessories include bow-ties, funny spectacles, crowns, mustaches, etc.
    6. Key holders
      Aesthetically appealing and differently shaped holders will keep your keys in place and decorate your house at the same time. There are also top-notch card and pen holders that are taking the world by storm with its sophisticated designs.
    7. Wedding accessories
      From wedding rings, earrings, bracelets, cuffs, combs, crowns, and collars for women and cufflinks, pendants, tie clips, and bowties for men to various wedding knick-knacks, 3D printing can jazz up any wedding.
    8. Birdhouses
      Tired of fixing your old wooden birdhouses? Or, thinking of attracting some little birds to your yard? You’ll never go wrong with 3D printed birdhouses, which are so popular worldwide.
    9. Office signs
      In a growing number of offices now you can find the signs “Out of office,” “Lunch break,” or “Busy with a hard task,” among the other creative messages. Let your coworkers that come by your desk know you aren’t in the mood for small talks.
    10. Survival whistles
      Get you noticed in a dangerous or emergency situation by carrying out a survival whistle. 3D survival whistles come in original designs and are loud enough to help you scare criminals away.

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Here are Some Examples of Printed Promotional Products

The First 3D Printed Residential House

Constructed with 3D printing, this residential house went viral on social media in 2017. It took less than 24 hours to build and cost about $11,000, with the doors and windows being the most expensive components, and is considered eco-friendly, reliable, and affordable compared to a traditional house building.

The house was built in a town outside Moscow by the tech startup Apis Cor. The portable 3D printer made the house’s concrete partitions and walls as a wholly connected structure, while a small group of building contractors added the windows and roof, and completed the interior. Inside, this 3D printed house has almost all of the features of a traditionally built home.
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Apis Cor claimed that such fast-to-build, cozy 3D printed residential houses could significantly improve their living conditions of people in need worldwide.

3D Printed Micro Commuter

This tiny and neat micro-van from Honda has a sophisticated lightweight frame and its bodywork is almost entirely 3D printed. The 3D printed electrical car was created by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and Kabuku Inc. in about 2 months. When compared to the traditional methods of car building, this micro commuter promises the enormous cost savings.

The car features a little battery that powers it and a frame of the pipes similar to a motorbike, giving it a strong yet lightweight narrow structure beneath the panels, which are also 3D printed. Micro commuter features only one seat and a driving range of approximately 50 miles provided by the battery pack built into the car’s floor of the van.

3D Printed e-NABLE Hands

3D printing isn’t about fun and curiosity only; it can mean a lot to humanity. For instance, it can help kids in need to live a happier life. Since the standard prosthetic arms cost from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, 3D printed hands are less expensive yet still efficient and kid-friendly.

E-NABLE’s elbow and wrist actuated prosthetics cost from $30 to $50, but most of the 3D printed hands have been given for free and they are customized. The e-NABLE’s network is also working on printing the hands with various skin tones and materials that would hopefully make the 3D printed hands look more similar to the human one.

3D Printed Janne Kyttanen’s Sofa So Good

Janne Kyttanen is the first designer who started a design label in 3D printing, namely. MGX. He was also the first to create a line of functional yet unique 3D printed products. This functional and ultra-light 3D printed sofa is probably his biggest achievement. Printed in 6000 layers, the sofa has an incredibly strong structure while weighing only 5.5 pounds (2.5 kilos).

Open, contemporary, beautiful, elegant, and spare, Sofa So Good has attracted tons of fans over social media. Though the sofa is totally unaffordable, it shows that everything can be possible with 3D printing. Plus, it gives us an opportunity to create our own 3D printed pieces of furniture at much cheaper prices.
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