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Welcome to our immediate 3D printing quote system. Here at JCAD we know a thing or two about 3D printing – we’ve been helping businesses and entrepreneurs like you to 3D print their ideas and designs since before 3D printing was even popular or widely known.

Starting a 3D printing project shouldn’t be hard, and we’ve made it a priority to make your life as easy as possible when ordering from us. To get an instant quote, all you need to do is upload your 3D CAD file saved in .STL format using the quick quote form below, choose some options for your 3D print and we will return a quote for you straight away (yes, it’s really that fast).

Start your next 3D printing project now by filling out the form, or learn more about our services and how the quote request works further down the page.

Need help selecting the right material to print in?

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How does our instant 3D printing quote work?

We have made ordering your 3D prints from us as easy as possible.
Here are the steps to follow:

  1. To get something 3D printed, you need CAD files saved in the .STL file format. If you don’t have CAD files we can create them for you, simply use this more in-depth quotation form instead.
  2. Fill in a few details about your product, such as the material you would like to print in, the number of units to be created, the type of finish, the color, and quantity of products you want to 3D print.
  3. Then you’ll get a series of options on the level of quality you want for your 3D print, based on the layer thickness’ and standard deviations of the printing (how thick and precise you need the end product to be). If you want to keep costs down, choose an option that is thinner and doesn’t require as much precision.
  4. We usually don’t need to look at your job request, our instant 3D printing quote system is smart enough to give you instant feedback, without having to wait for us to look at your project in more detail.
  5. If you’re happy with the quote, you can go ahead with the order by making payment through the system and organizing your delivery options.
  6. Less than 24 hours after making payment, your 3D printing job will be queued and then it’s time for us to get to work!
  7. What is the difference between our instant quote form and our standard process for quoting 3D printing or other JCAD services?

Our regular quotation form is available for anyone that doesn’t have STL drawings, or a 3D CAD model of their product, or just needs advice or more information about their project.

When requesting a regular 3D printing quote, you don’t need .STL files, you can send us just a few sketches of your idea, dimensions and other general information and we can take the project from there.

Feel free to ask us any questions about your project via the quotation form or get on the phone with us, and we’ll discuss the details of what you are trying to design. Our professional team of engineers and designers will work with you on your current drawings and ideas to reach a final CAD design. Then we can organize to 3D print a prototype, and mass manufacture your product all as part of the same process.

During the design phase, we will show you any changes or updates to your project using a free 3D viewer software, called eDrawings. This will allow you to virtually work with us at each step of the design process before 3D printing your product.

When to use the instant quote form, and when to contact us for more information

Our customers appreciate the fact that when submitting a 3D printing services quote, they can start the process of manufacturing their idea in the next 24 hours.

Our 3D printers are the best in the industry and can easily fulfil any technical requirements your design may need in its printing. We also have the capacity to deal with a large volume of printing, meaning you can be sure we’ll ship your prototype or product to you within just a few days.

If you already have your .STL files, know what material you want to print in and what finish you need, use the instant quote form above for quickest results.

If you’re unclear on any aspect of your project, it’s better to contact us instead for more information.

We are only limited in what we can manufacture by what you can dream up and design in a CAD program (and a few physical restrictions, your product has to actually work in the real world). We can 3D print your idea in any material or color you want, metals, plastics, ceramics, you name it!

Our team has years of experience working with all kind of 3D printing materials, and we’re more than happy to share our experience with you in every step of the process saving you time and money.

Is my idea / product / CAD file safe with you?

We’re not the kind of company to go stealing other people’s ideas (seriously, who does that..).

If you’d like us too though, we’re happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), we’ve signed thousands of them! Just let us know through our regular quotation form or the chat box bottom right and we’ll send you the form to fill out and send back to us to sign.

Whether you use the instant quote form or work with us in any other capacity, you can be certain about your files staying completely safe and confidential.