Do You Need Help Creating, Revising or Making Additions to An Architectural Drawing?

Here at JCAD – Inc. we provide a number of cad drafting services related to architectural designs, architectural floorplans and building cross sections including:

  • Permit drawings
  • City approval drawings
  • Home addition drawings
  • House blueprints and elevations
  • Architectural drawing creation and updates
  • Architectural drafting; and
  • Converting architectural plans from PDF to editable CAD/DWG files

It’s important to note however that:

Because building codes and regulations differ from state to state we cannot stamp or certify drawings. Once we have created your drawings or amended your existing drawings you will need to take them to a local architect or building consultant that understands the applicable building codes and requirements in your city / state for stamping and certification. Once the drawing has been stamped it can then be submitted to the city for approval to build.

Image description: House blueprint


Architectural CAD Drawing and
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How to make changes or additions to architectural drawings

The most common sort of architectural CAD drafting project we see here at JCAD are people who already have a blueprint or plan of their house and they want to either amend or add to their existing drawings. For example, your electrical guy may need to add electrical symbols to an electrical schematic. He can sketch them on the plan, but this will not be “official” enough for you to get planning or building approval. In this instance we could go in and add the symbols onto the plans for you. Or alternatively, maybe you can no longer access your architect or builder who made the original drawings for one reason or another. The original company you worked with may have gone out of business for instance, or your building designer has passed away, leaving you stuck with a PDF of your plans you’re not able to make additions or updates to without our help.

The process for making changes is simple and straight forward. All you need to do is send us whatever digital files you have for your drawings along with notes on the changes or additions you would like made. Our architectural CAD drafter is great at what she does, so simple notes and sketches are plenty for her to get the job done.

You’ll find the process of working with us quick and easy and surprisingly cost effective!

How to make architectural CAD designs from scratch

We can also create architectural plans and blueprints for you from the ground up (pun intended!). But please note that we are not architects or certified builders, and so we rely on the accuracy of the information and sketches provided by our clients when drawing up your plans. Once we turn your notes and sketches into professional architectural drawings you would then need to take them to an architect or other building consultant to be certified and stamped as being structurally sound.

We suggest that you only try and create a completely new design if you or someone that you are working with has a strong understanding of building fundamentals and / or engineering so that you don’t waste time and money on a design that is not up to code. Of course if you submit your drawings to an architect for certification and they identify issues with them, we are more than happy to help you revise the drawings based on their feedback.

To get started, send us all your notes and rough sketches including dimensions for length, width and height, and let us know what type of drawing you require – is it a floorplan, a building cross section, an elevation view? Once we have all the required information we can get to work!

Architectural Drawing File Conversion Service

Sometimes you may need to be edit your drawings, but not be able to for one reason or another. For example, your may have an uneditable PDF file that you need to make minor modifications too. We also provide a quick and easy file conversion service that allows you to convert your uneditable PDFs to editable CAD/DWG files.

How much do our architectural CAD drafting services cost?

There are a number of different factors which need to be taken into consideration when pricing out your job. For example, what is the scope of the change or addition you need made to your plans? Is it something small and quick, or do you need blueprints designed from scratch? In either case (and for everything in between) you will find that our prices are very affordable! We have spent years streamlining our business processes and communication to ensure that projects are completed as efficiently as possible, removing stress and keeping costs down for you.

What kind of turnaround can I expect for my project?

Similar to the question about cost for projects, the turnaround time for our architectural drafting services depends on the scope of the project. One of the things that our clients really like, however, and something that sets us apart from the competition is our focus on providing high quality work within very tight deadlines. When you work with us, you will see right from our first contact following up your quote request, through our communications and right into the finished product just how speedy we can be. We often find we can finish projects before some of our competitors even get back to you with a quote.

Here are some examples of the types of plans we can work with:

Image description: Floorplan
Image description: House Elevation
Image description: House Cross Section
Image description: Building Floorplan

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