Aluminum fishing lure mold and the finished lures

An aluminum lure mold made by JCAD – Inc. and the final products ready to be shipped.

Making Custom Aluminum Fishing Lure / Bait Molds

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own fishing lures or bait molds, you’re in luck. Here at JCAD — Inc. bait molds have shown themselves to be very popular products! We have made them for people who are hobbyists making their own alternatives to live baits, and for entrepreneurs looking to sell lures they have designed themselves.

Types of Lure Molds You Can Make With Us

Fishing lures come in all shapes, sizes and types including:

  • Jerk shads
  • Paddle tails
  • Curl tails
  • Stickbaits
  • Swimbaits; and
  • Various types of creature baits including; baitfish, worms, crawfish, shrimp, insects and more.

Basically the sky is the limit with what we can make for you. Design a lure based on a photo you search out or take, or dream something totally new and innovative up you can sell for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) / cart price you set yourself in your own shop or in a range of new products in other people’s stores.


Examples of Fishing Lure Projects We’ve Completed

We can make molds for any of these lure types:

Making Your Own Fishing Lure Mold Vs. Having a Professional Mold Made

A bait mold is used to make artificial fishing baits and for beginning hobbyists or those making soft plastic lures these molds may be created at home. Some anglers learn to construct their baits from scratch using metals or wood, but utilizing a mold is the simplest approach to make your artificial bait. A major problem with homemade molds however is that the molds are often of low quality or have a very short lifespan. If you plan on producing a lot of baits / lures, make your life easy and contact a professional to get a durable mold made. It will save you lots of money and time in the long run.

To produce a soft plastic mold, you would need a sample bait to copy and a mold box that fits the bait comfortably (you could use a Tupperware container, a plastic bowl, or you can make one out of carboard). Obviously this could breach the rights / copyright of the designer of the mold, so we can’t recommend this approach.

Processes involved in making lures for popular brands

If you search far enough online you’ll find there are a lot of processes you need to have in place to produce items like lures. Companies need a mold design, the mold itself, a lure material like plastisol, some sort of manual or powered injector to fill the molds and more all before their lures can ever end up in your cart.

1.CAD Design for Custom Fishing Lures

Beyond the initial idea, CAD design is the first thing needed to make a mold. Based on your photos, drawings, descriptions and dimensions we will build up a model of your mold in a computer program.

2.3D Printing for Fishing Bait Molds

From here we may use 3D printing to prototype your mold, especially if your lures are complex, to ensure the end product is in line with your vision. This can save a lot of money by picking up any issues with your design prior to creating a more expensive mold.

3.Making Custom Aluminum Molds

Once your CAD design and prototype are complete we manufacture your mold out of aluminum. Making molds in this way is very durable. Unlike handmade hobby molds (eg. POP molds and water putty molds where you can only use them to make one lure at a time) alumninum molds can be used repeatedly making them great for producing large batches of lures. If you’d like us too, we can even help you work out a suggested MSRP for your lures when considering the cost to manufacture each unit.

Order Custom Aluminum Bait Molds From Us

To get started ordering a custom lure mold, all you need to do is send us a photo or some drawings of what you’d like to produce with dimensions and any other details like color, etc. Our team will then go to work designing and manufacturing your lure mold.

The whole process can be surprisingly affordable with us, so no need to search any further. Get in touch with us today via email ( or our quote form or live chat box to find out more about how we can help.

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