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As always, at JCAD Inc. we understand that one of the most important things when developing a product, is to be able to work efficiently. Having to jump back and forth from providers, to manufacturers, to contractors, is not being efficient. That’s why we now offer electronic prototyping and design services; to be able to help our clients with their hardware and software requirements affordably and quickly.

We also know that, when starting to work with a manufacturer, quality and great service are the foundation to start a lucrative and long-lasting relationship, we value our clients, and consider that offering the whole package; designing, prototyping and manufacturing, is the best way of solving their problems before they go to the next step of the production line: having to find a new company to solve the electronic designed components of their idea.

When you design electronics, outsourcing those stages of production to an online prototyping company is a great idea if you want to stay competitive in the current market. Especially when that company is also dealing with other stages of your manufacturing process, and know your product as much as you do (If not better!) while also protecting your rights to intellectual property, something any company should be concerned about when.

As one of the biggest industrial design firms in North America, we know it is important to secure your intellectual property, we have a ton of experience with clients patenting their products, and we are ready to help you assess your product ideas to avoid patent infringement and stay away from the risk of having additional costs associated with the patenting process.


We have gathered a great team of industrial, mechanical and electronic design engineers, and they’re ready to handle all your electronic product design, prototyping and manufacturing requirements, or to solve any problems you may have with the electronic design process.


What is electronic design?

As you may know, “electronic” is a broad term. It can go all the way from a simple switch to making computers for satellites. In the today’s world, with the IOT (Internet Of Things) taking over, it’s not hard to understand why finding affordable ways to produce electronic components is key when planning to start manufacturing an electronic product.

When we talk about electronic design, we refer to every part of the ingenuity and inspiration needed to analyze or develop current technology, with the intention of applying it to solve a problem. When electronic design is done right, and by the correct people you can avoid the “build it first, fix it later” business model that has many companies losing a lot of money by not taking care of the design part of the process before prototyping and sometimes even entering production.

EDA’s (electronic design automation) market share is about $2.5 billion and growing, as it has become the main way of massively producing electronic components today.

Our New Electronic Product Prototyping Services

At JCAD Inc. we are always ready to help you bring your ideas to the market, and with our electronic prototyping services we now offer a way to add the intelligence and connectivity features you need to get your product market-ready.

We are ready to help you through any (or every) step of the process to start manufacturing your product with our proven production methodologies. We have huge amounts of experience in current product standards and frameworks, designing and testing hardware, and software and firmware applications.

Use our years of experience at JCAD Inc. to help all your product design needs through:

Concept design

  • Developing a minimum viable product (MVP) for the concept
  • 3D CAD design and rendering as a visual representation
  • Simulations, and software/firmware of demo functions, system architecture planning
  • Finite element analysis


Detailed engineering


Pre-production prototyping

  • Production-intent prototype design
  • Fully functional prototypes with integrated hardware and software features
  • PCBs for the design verification problems
  • Performance testing, design control and regulatory approval
  • Market study


Pre-manufacturing setup

  • Tolerance approval and tooling
  • PCB and circuit board manufacturing and fabrication
  • Full product assembly and production planning
  • PCB plastic enclosures manufacturing
  • Product pre-release
  • Material testing
  • Market approval


If you need to add power to your product we offer many options to fulfill this, whether it’s DC, AC, Lithium-ion, Ni-MH, or USB, we are ready to bring the needed power to make your product come to life.

As always, JCAD Inc. is ready to help you get your products market-ready in compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.

Our approach to electronic design

Our electronic design services are focused on adapting new technologies and taking advantage of them, by applying Electronic design automation (EDA) and Electronic computer aided design (ECAD) to achieve turnkey product design.

We believe that having a great product design process reduces the risk of unnecessary spending, and yields great results.  The idea behind this is that you can view the design process of your electronic product from testing to refinement. JCAD Inc. will provide you with engineering, design and marketing support at all times.

Design for the Internet of Things

If you’re planning to have your product jump on the internet of things bandwagon, this is the perfect moment to do so, as IOT development is revolutionizing the way we think of electronics. Our team at JCAD Inc. is ready to help you get your products smart and connected, and we know that this is a serious design challenge.

We are ready to help our clients go one step further, allowing their inventions to enter the age of connectivity and function in new innovative ways, filling more roles than ever before, into transforming their products to achieve the connectivity, management and security requirements of a totally connected world.

We develop connected IOT hardware to add wireless technology to your idea, and create fantastic IOT products, our electronic engineering team can take your cellular, Wi-fi, GPS, RFID or Bluetooth embedded systems and update them or manufacture them with communications firmware development and cross-platform integration. This means your products can also have cloud connectivity, staying constantly connected and evolving with each new software update.

We always work on the basis that our clients are able to engage in the process with us on every step along the path to electronic product creation and manufacturing, as we’ve found this helps our team take the right decisions for your project as quickly as possible. JCAD Inc. will always make sure that you get sketches, presentations, reviews, updates on design changes as soon as possible, and all of this can be done remotely without you having to leave your office!

Whenever we start a product design relationship with a client, we are ready to do market research to ensure that you have a clearer picture pre-release, and establish a solid project plan. We provide assessment options to study pricing, patent roadblocks and openings, licensing, design control, competition study, marketing, sales opportunities, customer demand, and more.

Why we are the best electronic product design firm in North America?

JCAD Inc. has a long history in the world of production, having lots of experience with 3D printing, product design, prototyping and mass production. We can confidently say that we are the best industrial product design and prototyping firm in North America, and the most complete, affordable and reliable solution for all your product development needs. We know that this is a bold statement, but we honestly believe no one can provide as much value as we do.

We have contacts with manufacturers, providers and contractors all over the globe. And it is our objective to become the one-stop-shop where enterpreneurs and businesses come to get their ideas out to the world.

With our new electronic design services we now add one step more to achieve that goal, ensuring that our clients can have everything they need done in the same place, by the same team that they already can be fully trusted with their product design and intellectual property.

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