3D File Conversion

Can’t open your 3D file?

10-20 years ago CAD design software was a relatively new technology but today there are so many different 3D CAD software packages out there it’s sometimes difficult to go from one to the other hence the need for file conversion. There are literally 100’s of different file extensions. Some of the basic file types that can be opened in virtually any 3D CAD package are STEP, STP, STL & IGES files. These can include a range of design types from basic 3 d renderings to patent drawings. The unfortunate thing is that these files have no intelligence and cannot be manipulated in the software it is opened in. With these types of files it is necessary to re-draw them in the native software or convert them to another software file extension.

Why is File Conversion of CAD Files Important?

A STEP, STP, STL or IGES file is no different than a word document being saved as a PDF. The PDF cannot be changed and has no intelligence in it. It is a READ-ONLY file and if you want to manipulate it, it must be converted back to a word document. The same thing applies to a STEP, STP, STL & IGES file. A CAD designer must convert the file back to a 3D software file. Only then can the part be changed and re-designed.

File Types We Can Convert

  • Paper drawing to CAD
  • Convert 2D to 3D CAD Files
  • Convert PDF to DWG
  • Convert a JPEG image file to 3D CAD file
  • Convert OBJ files to STL for 3D Printing
  • Other standard 3D CAD file types we can convert are STP, STEP & IGES files

Software We Can Convert To/From

  • SolidWorks
  • Catia
  • Inventor
  • Unigraphics NX
  • Pro-E Wildfire
  • AutoCAD
  • Solid Edge
  • MicroStation
  • And more!

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Why Using Free Online Converters Is a No-Go

Commonly Converted File Types from 3D Rendering Programs

3D Rendering Programs for File Conversion:

Why Convert File Types?

When you’re dealing with file types in the design/creative/inventor career you’re bound to share it with several colleagues who may not share the same programs as you.

So, for the sake of being able to share the files effortlessly, and with as few downloaded programs as possible, people use a converting system to make it possible.

For example, converting DWG to DXF and vice versa.

The DXF format is commonly used for sharing your drawing data between several CAD programs.

Usually, a DXF file will load no problem in any CAD program. Unless it doesn’t support a DWG, then you’ll need to convert it using a converter program.

Convert DWG to PDF!

If you convert your DWG to PDF you can effortlessly show your work to your colleagues. It may be worth it to look into metadata, a feature that will give you the ability to add a title, keywords, etc. so your PDF file is searchable for anyone you may want to see it.

Convert PDF to DWG

If you are given a PDF file with instructions to edit it, you will need to convert it before you can begin, as PDF files are not edit-friendly.

Does the file contain raster or vector info? This is an important question to ask yourself before converting.

Vector information is easy to extract, whereas raster information is not. When dealing with Raster, the software must convert images to vector.

Not all file conversions can be perfect. Sometimes when you convert a file it can have negative effects such as loss of quality, errors, incompatibilities, loss of work, etc.

For example, when you continuously edit a .jpeg file it will lose its quality due to the lines becoming more pixelated. So, it isn’t advisable to use poor quality jpegs or gif images when you are converting to DWG.

3D files for converting
File alterations