Selling products on Amazon using Fulfillment by Amazon / Amazon FBA can make you a lot of money if you sell a popular product, price it correctly and source that product from the right supplier or manufacturer.

A lot of people starting out on Amazon, however, have no idea where to source products at a price that’s low enough where they will be able to make a decent profit after Amazon takes its 5% – 15% referral fee and they pay fulfillment fees and costs for storage and shipping.

Seasoned sellers may wonder whether they can get their popular product/s made by a manufacturer who can lower their price per unit and increase their profit, produce the product locally or use eco-friendly materials like recycled ocean plastic. Maybe they would like to stop selling a generic product sourced from Alibaba, and produce a similar product with their logo on it, in order to increase brand recognition and popularity.

In both cases we can help! We have lots of experience manufacturing products that sell many thousands of units. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can be of assistance.

Manufacturing for Seasoned Amazon FBA Sellers

If you’re a seasoned FBA seller, talk to us about how we can reduce your costs and maximize your profit. We can take over manufacturing for a product that is currently doing well if you’d prefer to work with someone in North America, while still retaining an equivalent or better price and quality.

Alternatively, if you have a new product idea, we can work with you to make your vision a reality, and provide advice and feedback on the best way to manufacture your product in order to make the most profit without sacrificing quality, durability or functionality.

We have helped create and manufacture lots of successful products, and we’d love to be a part of your ongoing Amazon FBA journey.

How to Get a Product Manufactured If You’re New to Amazon FBA

If you’re just starting out with selling products and have a new idea for a product you’re sure will be a success, you might feel like you don’t know where to start. The options and steps needed to produce your product idea can be overwhelming, but we can help you through the process so it’s as stress-free for you as possible.

We have been in the product manufacturing business for many years and have worked on many different types of projects. We can give you the support and advice you need to get started and work out the best way to turn your idea into a saleable, profitable product.


Where to Get Products to Sell On Amazon

There are basically two ways you can get products to sell on Amazon:

  1. Re-sell other people’s products. This is often called white-labelling.
  2. Have a wholesale supplier manufacture products for you

Here we’ll explain some pros and cons of each option.

Pros and cons of becoming a reseller

Becoming a reseller can be a bit more convenient, as the product you are going to sell is already available. That’s about where the pros end and the cons begin though.

To find a product you will usually have to wade through hundreds if not thousands of sellers, many offering exactly the same product at different prices, with no way of telling them apart.

Quality can be dubious as many of these products may be knock-offs of each other, and apart from reviews on seller websites (which can often be faked and untrustworthy) you can’t know whether you’re going to get ripped off.

In most cases you also have to trust your money to an overseas provider which can be a risky proposition if you aren’t 100% sure of the company you’re working with.

Pros and cons of manufacturing your own products

There are many pros to manufacturing your own products to sell on Amazon. For one thing they can be completely customized based on your budget and requirements. You choose the quality, the materials and everything that goes into the product.

Custom made products can more easily be branded with your logo, and can be made to be unique, allowing you to patent the product and have legal recourse if somebody rips off your concept. You will also stand out on Amazon because of your products’ uniqueness.

You also don’t have to give any more money than necessary to a middle man, as you are cutting out the markup put in place by sites that connect retailers with wholesale suppliers.

The only cons in manufacturing your own products is the extra time it can take to create a product from scratch. This can be surprisingly small though if you work with the right company.

How to Source Products to Sell On Amazon FBA / How to Find Good Products For Amazon FBA

If you’d like to sell someone else’s products there are a few places you can source them, eg. Alibaba, Ebay, wholesale websites, lot auctions and liquidators etc.

If you’re after ideas for amazon FBA product sourcing however, and would like to create your own product there are plenty of places you can come up with ideas.

Think of any particular pain points or problem areas in your life. How could a new product or a revised product help solve them? Look into your favorite Reddit or online communities for issues people are commonly having. It’s hard to stand out when you’re making something that’s exactly the same as ten other things on the market. Consider how your product will be unique, either in its function or the way you market it.

If you can come up with successful ideas in this way, product sourcing for amazon is something you can forget about. Rather than sourcing products to sell on amazon, you can come up with your own, have them designed and manufactured affordably, and if the product takes off it’s very easy to manufacture the product at scale into the future. The more units you create, the less they cost to produce, so the more profit you will make on each sale.

More info on how to create a product to sell on amazon

If this is your first time creating a product to sell on Amazon, we created a very thorough guide on product creation for beginners you might like to check out.

The TL;DR is that creating a product is not hard or expensive if you work with the right company who can guide you through the process.

You might also be interested in these articles about getting photorealistic product renderings for Amazon or popular 3D printed products that are sold on Amazon for some inspiration.

Amazon Product Suppliers / Amazon FBA Supplier

How to Find a Supplier For Amazon

If you’ve found this page, there’s no need to look any further if your product can be produced by 3D printing, plastic or silicone injection molding.

J–CAD Inc. is a full service manufacturer / supplier. We can take your product through the entire design and production process, from CAD design to 3D printing a prototype, then mass manufacturing it when you’re ready. Or alternatively, if you already have a successful product we can take over the manufacturing for you.

Get in touch today to see if we can supply your Amazon products quicker and at a better price per unit than your current manufacturer.

US Suppliers For Amazon FBA

If you’re looking to have your product “Made in the USA”, the first question you should ask is “Why?”.

Products made offshore have come a long way. If you look around your house, almost everything will have been made in China, but that doesn’t stop you buying a smartphone, a laptop, and numerous other gadgets and appliances.

Offshore products can be made at the same quality as products in North America, but are much cheaper. If you’re concerned about how employees in Chinese factories are treated, we make sure to vet all our suppliers to ensure they have good working standards and treat their employees ethically. Manufacturing offshore can also help offset some of the concerns with inflation the United States is currently experiencing.

If, however, you feel like including a “Made in the USA” symbol on your product will help it sell, or want to create jobs for North Americans, then we have North American manufacturing facilities too.

Another plus side of manufacturing locally is that shipping times and costs are less than manufacturing overseas, although the cost per unit will typically still be higher overall than those produced internationally.

Amazon Supplier List

The main problem with trying to source products from Amazon supplier lists is that you’re likely not going to be the only person buying products off of them, so it’s going to be difficult to have your product stand out on Amazon. If your product doesn’t stand out and there’s nothing to differentiate it from the products of your competitors, one of your only options to stand out is to compete on price. Competing on price becomes a race to the bottom you really don’t want to participate in.

It can be much more profitable to come up with a unique product idea and have it manufactured by a company like us here at J–CAD Inc .

Product Manufacturers List

The problem with using a product manufacturers list to find a manufacturer is that you have way too much choice. It’s hard to know the quality of the manufacturer without talking to them, and many manufacturers have large turnaround times and / or put a big mark up on any products they produce for you.

To hire a manufacturer you also typically need to have some understanding of the process of manufacturing in order not to get ripped off.

We do everything in-house. We design, prototype and manufacture. This cuts down the choice overwhelm for you, as we can manage all stages of producing your product, and means we can advise on all aspects of the manufacturing process if there’s anything you’re uncertain of.

Hiring An Amazon Product Design Engineer

Hiring a product design engineer to create a product for Amazon FBA sounds like it would be complicated and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have an idea for a product and have no idea what it should look like or how it should function, we’re not going to be the best people to help. We find with our clients, however, that this is almost never the case.

When looking to create a product, most people have already done their research. They know (at least roughly) what the product will look like, how big or small it will be, and what type of functionality it will have. They just don’t have the skills in CAD design or engineering to pull it off.

Our product designers and engineers have many thousands of hours experience between them. Because of this, all you need to give us to get started is a hand-sketched image of your product, and inspiration photos to show color, other similar products etc. From there we can design your product quickly and affordably, and ensure that everything is sound from an engineering perspective.

How to Find the Manufacturer of a Product on Amazon

If you have found a product on Amazon that has inspired you (maybe it’s similar to a product you had imagined creating, or you think you could improve on it in your own variation of the product) there’s no need to try and find who manufactured the original.

Simply send us an example of the product, or pictures of it, along with the type of material you would like it created in, and other specifications like how you will change the product, what colors it should include etc.

Our team of product engineers can create a CAD design for the product, prototype it (if you want to see the project in action before going into mass production) and then manufacture it for you, without ever having to know who the original manufacturer was.

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