Mass Production Overseas and in the USA

J – CAD Inc. offers mass production overseas and in the USA. Back in the early 2000’s right around the time China really started to BOOM, J-CAD carefully selected manufacturing facilities to partner with, so that we can offer top-notch mass production capabilities while offering very competitive pricing. J-CAD has created partnerships with only experts in mass production that offer attention to detail, quality materials, sound processes and reliable deliver-ability. We are your connection to value-added manufacturing, offering you a real plan to mass produce your parts or product. We also use reliable industrial Computers in our factories so that we can run as smoothly as possible with as little disruption due to software issues. For infomation on industrial PCs, see here.

Sometimes manufacturing overseas is difficult for an inexperienced individual or small or even large business to navigate through the processes. That’s why we’re here to take your project from beginning to end and deliver a finished product right to your door.


Some of our clients insist on having their parts made locally in USA or Canada to help their local economy and we totally get that! For this reason, we have also set up facilities in North America that can handle your mass production requirements on a large scale keeping everything done right here! The factory has been equipped with the latest equipment to make the build quality superb, you can read more here. When mass producing your parts locally you can expect to pay 30% – 50% more for your order but keep in mind that the shipping cost of your parts is only a fraction of shipping them from Asia making the increased cost to produce them not that much more when you add it all up.

For example:

  1. Let’s say 500,000 parts cost $0.30 each to make overseas plus $40,000 to ship back to the USA. Total project cost is $190,000.
  2. The same 500,000 parts cost $0.40 each to make in the USA, but shipping is only $2,000. Total project cost is $202,000.

As you can see, sometimes it’s not that much different, and you have the comfort of knowing that the parts are “MADE IN USA!”

We typically deal with minimum part orders of 50,000 but we can accommodate smaller order quantities if you require. Just let us know and we’ll price it out for you!

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When it comes to manufacturing you have plenty of options available, something that can make finding the right choice for your business difficult.

Should you choose domestic or foreign manufacturing? What are the pros and cons of each? Is it ethical to outsource a job?

Below are some more in-depth thoughts on these questions, and how they can affect your business.

What is Foreign Manufacturing?

Foreign manufacturing is whenever a company sends a product overseas to be created. Some of the most common countries that often receive American company manufacturing requests are China, Thailand, and Singapore. This tends to be a popular choice for businesses due to reasons like cheaper costs and fewer regulations.

The main country where this type of manufacturing usually occurs though is China. China is actually called “The World’s Factory” because of its large amount of them.

Foreign manufacturing is mainly used because there are typically more options available for companies.

What is Domestic Manufacturing?

Domestic manufacturing is when all factory work and production are done on U.S. soil. Some popular manufacturing locations in the U.S. today are Grand Rapids, Louisville, and Denver. Overall, domestic manufacturing has produced over $2.2 million dollars for the U.S. economy and continues to grow.