By Jason Vander Griendt

January 8, 2018 at 7:06 am

3D printing is taking off in popularity, and one area it’s becoming especially popular in, is the auto industry. Many companies today are creating 3D printed prototype cars to help consumers see their new models and get an idea of how successful they could be on the market. Recently, the renowned car company BMW used a 3D printed prototype at the IAA Car Show to showcase their new Mini Electric model.

Below is some more information about how 3D printers are changing the auto industry.

Popular 3D Printed Prototype Cars

There are many 3D printed prototype cars that have found their place on the market. For instance, the 4ekolka was designed by Petr Chládek as a way to help show that small cars can be both stylish and safe.

There’s also the Kia Telluride designed by Kia as a luxury vehicle. Kia used 3D printers to create the red and black exterior panels as well as the steering wheel that’s featured in it.

The Micro Commuter was created by Kabuku and is a completely 3D printed car. Kabuku designed it to show that 3D printed cars can be affordable, and feature some of the top designs on the market.

Another unique design is the LM3D which was created by Local Motors and is a stunning convertible with a stylish housing that was completely printed with 3D printers.

There’s also the Urbee which was designed by KOR Ecologic and features a sleek futuristic design that can hold up to 2 people. The exterior of this car was printed entirely with 3D printers.

Other Things 3D Printing Can Do

Besides making models of cars, 3D printing can also help with fixing and restoring older car models. If a part is missing or damaged, a manufacturer can print a special piece that helps to fix that problem.

3D printing has also contributed to restoring many classic cars, like Elvis’ iconic BMW 507. 3D printers were able to create parts this old car needs that weren’t being manufactured anymore. Better yet, these necessary classic car pieces can be created at a much more affordable price compared to trying to find an actual restored classic car part.

Why 3D Printing is Popular in the Auto Industry

As you can see, the auto industry is starting to pay close attention to the benefits of 3D printing. Not only is 3d printing much quicker compared to other design and manufacturing methods, but it is also environmentally-friendly. Factory power and the need for numerous materials aren’t required for 3D printing which means supplies aren’t wasted, making using these printers cost-efficient.

3D printing is also great because there are no design restrictions. Currently, car designers are limited in their designs because manufacturers aren’t always able to create what they envisage. However, with 3D printers designers can let their imaginations run wild which means we’ll start to see incredible and stunning creations coming up on the market.

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