By Jason Vander Griendt

January 9, 2018 at 7:06 am

In today’s world, we are quickly advancing with our technological marvels. We’re able to communicate with people across the world instantly, and can search for information with just the click of a button.

One area especially where technology has helped improve life is in the medical field. A recent 3D printed prototype was designed by Sutrue to help make surgical stitching much safer.

The Sutrue Suturing 3D Prototype

The unique 3D prototype created by Sutrue was designed with CAD programs and was created to help make suturing much easier. Using their Mlab cusing 3D printer they were able to print out a surgical stitching tool in less than 4 hours.

The model they created was made out of layers of stainless steel and has the ability to help touch areas during surgery that would otherwise be very difficult and tricky for surgeons to reach.

This 3D prototype was designed to help make heart surgeries safer and quicker, especially the delicate keyhole heart surgery which requires precision and is often time-consuming.

Sutrue came up with 2 different types of 3D prototypes to help with this. One can hold a 26 mm needle and the other a 48 mm needle. Both can be used during various stages of surgery and can help surgeons holding them to not only apply clean stitches to a cut area, but to do it quickly.

In fact, this prototype can make up to 3 stitches per second, which is incredibly fast compared to if they were done manually. Better yet, this invention can be used by not only surgeons but veterinarians and dentists as well.

Besides being quick, the Sutrue 3D prototype helps medical professionals prevent injuries to themselves. Often because the needles are so small, and the work so intricate, it’s very easy for them to poke themselves multiple times with these sharp objects. However, with this 3D prototype, that won’t be the case anymore.

This Sutrue 3D model also can help hospitals save money as it will reduce the number of needles needed for surgery.

By creating a 3D prototype, Sutrue was able to save thousands of dollars which would otherwise have gone to various manufacturing companies so they could create various stages of Sutrue’s prototype design. Because of the success of this 3D printed prototype, Sutrue has gone on to create more helpful devices that can be used in the medical field, like a 3D mechanical heart.

Using JCAD for 3D Printing and Prototyping

As you can see, imagination is the limit when it comes to 3D printing and prototyping, and something you create can literally change the world.

If you’re someone who has a great idea in mind that you think can help advance our world, you should consider having a 3D printed prototype created. Not only is manufacturing in this way much cheaper in short runs compared to traditional methods, but they often work much better as you can find and fix design flaws quickly, without creating thousands of problematic products.

3D printing will also help you to quickly get your creation on the market as soon as possible because printing can be done within hours. JCAD can help create a useful 3D prototype that you can use to help showcase your invention to the world. Tell us a little about your project, ask here for a quote, and we’ll be glad to help you achieve your dreams.


Jason Vander Griendt

Jason Vander Griendt is a Mechanical Engineering Technician with years of experience working at major companies such as SNC Lavalin Inc, Hatch Ltd. Siemens and Gerdau Ameristeel. He is the CEO of JCAD – Inc., a company he started in 2006 after seeing a gap in the market for businesses who could assist clients through the entire product design and manufacturing process.

Jason has been featured in Forbes, has had his businesses analyzed and discussed in multiple start-up books, was a previous winner of the Notable8 Digital Innovator of the year award, and is a regular guest on business panels and podcasts. Email Jason at or follow him on LinkedIn.

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