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November 23, 2022 at 10:30 am

You certainly can sell your own private label products on Amazon. This article will give you a brief introduction to some things you might want to consider related to becoming an Amazon seller, and to help you understand the role a manufacturing company like the team here at J — CAD Inc. can play in the process.


  • Do you have a product idea (either your own idea, or maybe something inspired by an existing listing you’ve seen somewhere online) and want to know how you can create and start selling your own product or line of multiple products?
  • Have you ever thought about starting your own product brand to sell on Amazon?
  • Did you know that you don’t need to be rich, have direct contact with manufacturing factories or an in-house design team, or even be particularly talented to establish a line of your own products?

Lots of regular, everyday people create their own brands and sell products online. Creating and selling products does not have to be as difficult as you might think!

Amazon has opened up a new avenue for entrepreneurs wanting a wide distribution for their products, and this applies equally to both upcoming creators and those who have already found a measure of success. A lot of money can potentially be made in this way, either by:

  1. going through the whole design and manufacturing process, in order to brand and sell your own products through which you can potentially gain higher profits. This is where we come in, as a full service product design and manufacturing company, we can take your idea from concept to being ready to mass manufacture and sell
  2. finding pre-existing products — sometimes the same products that others are selling — that you can put your own logo and packaging on (sometimes called white-labelling);
  3. or through creating a range of private label products that other brands can put their logo on if the quality is good enough (although your margins could be quite small in this instance).

For private sellers struggling to get their products out to the world, Amazon provides them with a platform that, if used well, can help to establish a unique and trusted brand with local and even global visibility.

If you can conduct good product research, find a product that is unique and really in need and sell your own or private label products, you could make a name for yourself, and potentially a lot of money in the process. Let’s get you a little closer to having people hit that buy box on your Amazon product!

What is a Private Label Product?

Bulk rubber ducks

Private label products are products created by a manufacturer and then customized with a logo and branded packaging and sold as a unique product.

Private label products are goods and services produced by one company to be branded and then sold by another company. This means that you don’t personally need to have an in-house product design and manufacturing team in order to sell a product.

You may be able to find generic product ideas that you can private label, or with a manufacturer like us, we can brand the product as part of the production process for you.

Some examples of private label products include Target’s Mainstays and any of the many Amazon private label product options – Amazon’s basic batteries for instance.

If you want to start your own online business to sell private label products through Amazon, you will be using Amazon seller central. For this, you’ll need an Amazon seller central account.

Benefits of Amazon Private Label Products

Private label products have many benefits, including:

Increased brand credibility

Selling products under a private label allows you to capitalize on on-demand products, selling things you know people want and need under your own brand. If the products are good, or you can improve on an already existing product, this can give a strong boost to your brand’s credibility.

Higher profit margins

White label and private label products (unless you’re producing products for a huge corporation trying to keep their prices as low as possible) typically have a good profit margin. These products can be produced inexpensively and sold at a higher price. Speak to us directly if you would like a very accurate idea of how much a product is likely to cost to design and produce.

Growing stacks of coins

Find the right product to sell and you could see your profits increase over time as you make more and more sales

More exposure

It goes without saying that Amazon has become one of the main places that people shop. By selling on their platform, even if you are also selling on your own website, you can potentially reach a much wider audience, that eventually might buy from you directly.

Options for customization

Getting ideas from selling private label products on Amazon gives you the liberty into the future of taking a generic product that’s selling well, and customizing the product to your own liking to enhance it, therefore helping you better solve the problems your customers are facing and to stand out among other competitors.

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Tips On How to Start a Private Label Business On Amazon

Here are some tips on how to sell your own products on Amazon.

Brainstorm for product ideas

The first thing to do before you start selling private-label products on Amazon is to take some time to think about the product you want to sell. Who will be your customers? Why will they want to buy your product? What problem does your product solve for them?

Conduct proper market research

Once you’ve identified a few ideas that seem like great products to sell, you should undergo some proper market research to ascertain whether or not your proposed product is likely to be successful. Are there similar products that already have a market? Are you too much like other products to stand out? Can other competitors greatly out compete you on price? This research will also help you identify your potential customers and understand what they like and what they might be really interested in buying.

Magnifying glass over figures representing people

Understand your customers and what they want and need, what problems they have that your product will solve and you could be onto a winner!

Talk to a product designer and manufacturer

After you’ve gotten the perfect product idea, completed your market research and decided the product is viable, the final step to take is to get it made (assuming you are designing or re-designing a product, rather than buying and reselling products which have already been manufactured).

To get a product ready for sale, you will need to develop a relationship with an experienced supplier or manufacturer. Dealing directly with manufacturers may sound intimidating, and it is if you don’t know what you’re doing, what to look for, how to do quality control, and many other things that experienced product designers and engineers know to look for. For this reason we recommend using the valuable insight and pre-established relationships of potential suppliers to your advantage.

Creating a product can be quite straightforward if you utilize the skills of someone who is already experienced in the field. Here at J — CAD Inc. we are product designers, CAD artists, prototypers and manufacturers all in one. We have all the experience, equipment and relationships in place already to help you get the product you want made as quickly as possible. And all we need to get started is a sketch of your product idea with your planned specs and dimensions.

Finalize your logo, design, and packaging

When you sell your own private label product, if it will carry your brand you’ll need to come up with your own logo and packaging. The most affordable way to do this is by hiring someone on a freelancing platform like Upwork. There you can find many talented graphic designers who can design your branding and packaging at a very reasonable cost.

If you are providing a private label product for another company, and you already have that partnership in place, the company will likely give you instructions for putting its logo on the packaging and the product, if they aren’t going to be doing that themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Selling Your Own Products on Amazon

What is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is a service offered by Amazon which provides sellers with assistance for logistics like storage, packaging, and shipping. This service permits sellers to ship products to an Amazon fulfillment center, where items are stored in warehouses for a period of time until they are sold. Whenever an order is made, Amazon employees then assemble the orders and ship the products straight to your customers.

How Can I Register My Own Brand on Amazon?

As a business owner, you can register your brand on Amazon via the Amazon Brand Registry Program.

The Amazon Brand Registry Program enables brand owners to register their brand with Amazon in order to get access to enhanced marketing features. It also helps companies to retain full control on Amazon over their product and branding, by protecting trademarks registered on Amazon. Enrollment into the Amazon brand registry program is pretty straightforward and is a one-time process, which can be done via Seller Central using your Amazon seller central account.

To be eligible for this program, however, your trademark has to be registered in the country you wish to register under or you need to have a pending trademark application filed through the Amazon IP accelerator.

Are there any free tools that are good for increasing product sales on Amazon?

There are a number of free tools that can be used with Amazon. These tools allow you, for instance, to search for a product based on keywords, categories, or brands. Examples of this type of tool include camelcamelcamel, keepa, and unicorn smasher.

Tools such as this offer solutions for data analytics, competitor monitoring, price and product estimates, and more.

Amazon UPC codes: What are they and what do they do?

An Amazon UPC code is a singular code assigned to each product on the Amazon marketplace. UPCs are used to clearly distinguish each individual item from the millions of others already existing in the online market. Amazon UPC codes make it easy to identify individual products sold on Amazon across the world. Consider it Amazon’s cataloguing system to separate each product in its database.

These codes function the same way as the barcodes you see on every product in your local supermarket. Like barcodes, each Amazon UCP code is unique and an easy scan will tell you what the product is, together with providing other relevant product information.

What are Amazon Product Listings?

An Amazon product listing is a page on the Amazon website that tells your customers all they need to know about the product you are selling. Generally, successful sellers on Amazon are those who have a solid product and who have also put in the time to create a clear and appealing product listing.

While you could try and come up with a product listing from scratch, it is, however, often best to scan through some pre-existing listings by other sellers, especially successful ones, to learn a thing or two about how to craft a product listing / page that is going to be a compelling offer for everyone seeing it and interested in your product.

What sorts of supply chain challenges are sellers facing?

Selling on Amazon is not without challenges. One challenge that sellers can face arises from supply chains. This was particularly a problem over the last few years because everything was so shut down. We are pleased to report though, that despite the policies still in place in China, we are not seeing supply chain delays for our clients.

Cargo ship with lots of shipping containers

Supply chains were problematic over the last few years, but have become more consistent again of recent times

What are some examples of profitable products to sell on Amazon?

Profitable products come in all shapes and sizes. Because they’re in such high demand, they get a lot more sales. More sales equals more profit!

Products that are currently hot sellers on Amazon include jewelry, pet products, home / kitchen products, sport and outdoor products. If you’re planning a product in any of these areas and you’ve done your research, you might get a lot of people hitting the buy box when you sell on amazon.

One black and one white fidget spinner on a desk

Fidget spinners have been very popular products in recent years, showing that a product does not have to be complicated to be successful

What is the importance of Amazon keyword research?

Amazon keyword research is a very important step Amazon sellers or FBA sellers usually take as part of market research for their product. Amazon keyword research involves choosing a focus keyword and then finding relevant terms people are searching for related to your product. These keywords are used to identify how much interest a product may receive, to optimize listings in order to attract prospective customers and to boost the product’s Amazon ranking in the Amazon search results.

Although many people might not realize this, Amazon is actually one of the largest search engines on the internet. Buyers on Amazon often browse the site using the search bar to input the brand name or type of product they’re looking for.

As a result, keywords form an integral part of every Amazon listing. Generally, when an Amazon product is optimized for search, it has a better chance of being found by more people which greatly increases the sales potential of the person or business selling on Amazon.

Scrabble pieces spelling out "keywords"

Keyword research is very important when it comes to selling on Amazon

Can I legally resell on Amazon?

Yes, it is completely legal to resell other people’s products on Amazon. In fact, you will often find resold items on Amazon, as almost anyone can be a reseller. For this reason you can often find very similar or identical items offered by different sellers at different price points.

Reselling a product (where you purchase a product for a cheaper price and then sell it on at a higher price and profit from the difference) is different to private or white labelling a product, in which you put your own branding on a generic product.

Bulk vases

Some people buy bulk close out products and then resell them at a higher price on Amazon, pocketing the difference

What are Amazon FBA fees?

The fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fee (also known as the pay-and-pack fee) is a flat fee per unit, which is dependent on the size, weight, and category of the product. To estimate your total FBA fee, you’ll need to know the product type as well as the sizing tier of your goods. After that, you can use the shipping weight to determine the flat FBA fee per unit of your products.

Does Amazon offer labeling services?

Yes, Amazon offers labeling services. You have three options for labeling your products: You could use existing UPC or EAN barcodes for eligible products, apply Amazon barcodes onto the product or packaging material, or use the FBA Label Service to apply barcodes to your items ready for shipping for a per-item fee.

Do you need help with manufacturing a product to sell on Amazon?

J — CAD Inc. has helped clients design, prototype and manufacture products that are on sale all over the world. We have the knowledge and experience to help you through all stages of the product design process.

If you’d like more information about manufacturing a product to sell or white label on Amazon, get in touch on 1-888-202-2052 or send through a request for a quote here, and one of our friendly team will get back to you in 5 – 10 minutes.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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Jason has been featured in Forbes, has had his businesses analyzed and discussed in multiple start-up books, was a previous winner of the Notable8 Digital Innovator of the year award, and is a regular guest on business panels and podcasts. Email Jason at, or follow him on LinkedIn.

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