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July 21, 2016 at 8:15 am

This image shows how an initial sketch can be rendered in 3d ready to make a prototype

A prototype is an initial conceptual model of your design, part or product, that allows the designer, manufacturer and investors to get a feel for the end product before it is mass produced. Whether you’re creating a complex electronic product or something more simple building a prototype is a vital step in the production process. Without producing a prototype before mass production it is much harder to know the strengths and weaknesses of your design. A prototyped model of your idea allows you to get client feedback and fine-tune your design. It is also much easier to conduct market research, begin discussions with advertisers and sponsors and to source preliminary product reviews when you have a prototype model to show.

How to build or create a prototype

So you may be wondering how to get a prototype made. If you were to try and create your own prototype there are a number of factors to consider, not to mention the time and cost involved. These include;

  • Do you have the skill to create your own prototype?
  • Can you source the required materials (eg. will you have to buy other products to get parts from, or do you have the materials with which they can be constructed)
  • Can you create an accurate prototype?
  • Will the materials you use function and respond in the same way as the materials to be used in the final product?
  • Will other people be able to accurately reproduce the prototype from the plans you have?

While some people do try to produce their own prototypes (often these are hobbyist inventors more focussed on inventing as a passion than a business) many innovators are increasingly leaning towards getting professional help to make their prototypes.

Hiring a professional 3D design firm for your rapid prototyping needs can accomplish maximum results with minimum hassle on the part of the innovator himself/herself. Outsourcing your prototyping simplifies the process and ensures professional reproducible results.

Some benefits of outsourcing your prototyping work to a professional firm are as follows:


When you outsource to a professional firm, you are letting them take the hassle out of preparing the components required for the prototype to be manufactured. That spares you from spending the time, energy and expenses involved with procuring items and materials. You will also save many hours of your own time (time is money as they say), allowing you to keep developing your business or working on money-making activities such as attracting sponsors, investors or clients. This makes outsourcing much more cost effective in the long run than making your own DIY prototype.

Swift Execution

Professional 3d design and prototyping firms are operated by experienced product developers who are adept at their jobs. Putting our years of experience to work for you, along with knowing the perfect contacts around the world to do your job just right cuts out the trial and error of finding the right supplier. Because we also have access to more powerful commercial-grade equipment, you can expect high quality results, and faster than you could get anywhere else. Even our job quotes are fast – contact us and we’ll get back to you with a quote in 5 – 10 minutes!

Professional Touch

If you’re planning to impress investors, sponsors or advertisers with your prototype, it needs to be flawless in design, look and feel. Most innovators, despite having great ideas aren’t too experienced with the nitty-gritty details involved in the production of a prototype for their innovations. For them, a professional 3d design and product development firm is a great option to add a professional touch to their inventions.

Here at JCAD we live and breath product development, cad design, 3d printing and prototyping and mass manufacturing. Talk to us today about how we can take your ideas from concept to reality!


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