By David

November 30, 2022 at 2:25 pm

Jason, the owner of J — CAD Inc. is no stranger to publicity. His entrepreneurial approach has been featured in major news publications, travel sites and self-help sites.

Recently Jason was featured in Forbes by journalist and author Elaine Pofeldt in an article titled This Digital Nomad Built A 7-Figure Business While Traveling The World. He’s Part Of Two Trends That Are Changing The Workplace As We Know It.

Elaine has written about Jason and his freedom-enabling companies on multiple occasions. She also recently wrote about his work in her new book Tiny Business, Big Money.

In the article Elaine explains how Jason runs two high-revenue solopreneur business while traveling the world. Jason’s companies are discussed as part of two wider trends which are gaining more and more traction:

  • high-income “nonemployer” business with no employees except the owners
  • digital nomads / remote workers, a trend which has been greatly accelerated by the events of the last few years

In the article Jason discusses:

  • some of his inspirations for his current business approach
  • what a typical day is like in his freedom-enabling business
  • his approach to finding contractors, and to developing strong and long-lasting relationships with them, which are vital to any business with a growth mindset
  • how setting up the right business can enable you to travel the world as a digital nomad; and
  • why the Pareto principle is always top of mind when vetting potential clients

To learn more about our CEO and his approach to business, check out the Forbes article, or listen to a recent panel chaired by Elaine where Jason discusses million dollar growth strategies.

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