By Jason Vander Griendt

March 18, 2022 at 7:03 am

You might be interested to know that the demand for fishing lures is quite high. Of course, fishing serves different purposes; for many, it is a form of recreation or hobby, some use it to feed themselves, but it can also be a source of income, either working as a fisherman, or providing services and supplies to them.

Fishing lures are especially important for certain type of fishing. Lures are a direct replacement for live bait, which are both more durable and more economical. With the massive demand for fishing lures and other fishing gear, making fishing lures might be the perfect niche for you to make a profit from fishing.

Are you ready to start making money from fishing lures? Let’s help you get started.

What is a fishing lure?

Fishing lures are a type of bait substitute designed to look like live baits, for example crayfish, leeches etc. They are very efficient in catching fish; as a result, many fishermen own fishing lures. Custom lures can also add some spice to the fishing process too, as fishing lures often come in interesting shapes and colors.

How to sell your own fishing lures

To begin with, it’s important that you have experience fishing with lures so you know what works before trying to design your own. When it comes to business, ensuring you have a range of different fishing lures and designs that are effective will potentially attract more buyers and, consequently, give you the possibility of earning more money. Here at J-CAD Inc we can assist you in creating CAD designs and molds for your fishing lure designs. We can also mass produce lures that are durable and great to look at.

Asides from just the basic production process of lures, there are other things to consider if you want to make lures for profit:

Choose your lure niche

There are different types of fishing lures out there, and they differ in shape, size and features. For instance, there are hard and soft plastic lures, and their usage depends on the type of fish you plan to catch with them. Therefore, finding out what types of lures are commonly bought commercially in the area you’re planning to sell them can better boost your visibility and sales.

You could choose to either make fishing lures commonly used among most fishermen, or you could hyperfocus on a specific type of lure or fishing need and become the go-to provider for that area.

Create durable and environmentally friendly lures

To ensure your business thrives, you need to deliver on quality. Poor quality products will quickly destroy your reputation. Therefore, when you begin creating large batches of fishing lures for your customers, it is best to employ the assistance of a professional manufacturer to ensure consistency, quality and durability.

Durable lures are better for the environment as well as your reputation too. You may even like to make your lures out of recycled ocean plastic – as well as assisting the environment further, it is a great marketing angle to sell your products!

Advertise to the right audience

Marketing your products is just as important as producing the right set of fishing lures. Once your lures are made, you will need to get them in front of the right audience or target customers for your fishing lures. You can achieve this through effective advertisement. Many fishermen and other fishing enthusiasts are always in need of durable and quality lures. You can find where they spend the most time online and use online advertising campaigns to target them there directly. Also, most communities have their fishing groups; you can promote your product there to increase your sales.

You could also begin by making your products available in local stores and other big companies that sell fishing gear and accessories, partnering with equipment stores and tackle shops by either giving them a commission on the sales of your lures in their stores, or becoming a wholesaler. Taking this approach will likely lower your profit margin, but may be made up for in scale.

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Ready to get started with your dream of having your own brand of fishing lures? We have made lots of custom aluminum bait molds! Reach out to us here at J-CAD at 1-888-202-2052 or send us a quote request and let’s discuss your project! We look forward to hearing from you.

Jason Vander Griendt

Jason Vander Griendt is a Mechanical Engineering Technician with years of experience working at major companies such as SNC Lavalin Inc, Hatch Ltd. Siemens and Gerdau Ameristeel. He is the CEO of JCAD – Inc., a company he started in 2006 after seeing a gap in the market for businesses who could assist clients through the entire product design and manufacturing process.

Jason has been featured in Forbes, has had his businesses analyzed and discussed in multiple start-up books, was a previous winner of the Notable8 Digital Innovator of the year award, and is a regular guest on business panels and podcasts. Email Jason at or follow him on LinkedIn.

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