By Jason Vander Griendt

January 10, 2018 at 7:07 am

Do you have multiple CAD files taking up space on your computer system? If you do, you might want to consider having them converted to ensure they aren’t somehow corrupted or even accidentally deleted. Below is more information about what these files are and why you should consider using the services of a professional to do an online CAD file conversion.

What is CAD?

CAD (Computer Aided Design) files are an image file that uses AutoCAD or another 3D rendering software product to produce 3D designs or drafted images. These programs make 2D and 3D designs which are often used when it comes to sketching patent drawings.

Is Downloading CAD Files From Online Resources Safe?

Generally yes, especially if you are creating them yourself.

Downloading CAD files from online resources however, is another story, as you can never be completely sure that the file is free of malicious code which may be activated when you try to open it.

What’s the Best Way to Store CAD Files?

CAD files you create can be stored on your computer and usually can be left alone without fear of them causing problems. It’s always worth having at least one physical backup copy though in case your hard drive corrupts. Converting CAD files can come in handy here, because you can keep a copy of both the original and converted files to have multiple levels of contingency.

If you store your CAD files in the Cloud however, there is a minimal risk that your storage may be hacked into and files corrupted. This risk can be minimized by using reputable online backup solutions, ensuring that passwords you create are unique and strong, and that passwords are not shared with other people (if someone else needs access to your cloud backup, create a different user account for them with an appropriate level of access).

Are Online CAD File Converters Safe?

Much like downloading CAD files from online resources can be risky, using online conversion tools can also be problematic. Again, you don’t know for sure whether the conversion service you are using has the best interests at heart. As part of the conversion process, they may include hostile code within the final output file, which you can unknowingly activate on your computer by trying to execute the file. 

Online file converters –especially the free ones– often use advertising on their sites to generate income. This advertising can sometimes be inappropriate for working environments, and may get you into trouble with your employees or colleagues. The best way to avoid this is to use an adblocking extension or to turn off images in your browser.

Occasionally sites themselves can also harbor malicious code, which can be downloaded onto your computer by visiting them. One way to watch out for sites like this is to look for a message in search results that says “This site may harm your computer”. Ensuring you have a good antivirus / antimalware software on your computer that maintains a blacklist of malicious sites and that scans files before they are executed will also help to minimize the risk if you do decide to use an online converter.

The last potential issue with online conversion tools is possibly the most important: many of them do not work. CAD file conversion can be a complex business, and using an online service can often lead to incompatibility issues, rendering your files unable to be opened in your desired 3D CAD program.

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Why You Need to Use a Professional Company to do a CAD File Conversion

While using online CAD file converters on your own might seem simple, it isn’t always the case. These conversions require paying close attention and time, which is why it’s a good idea to use a professional service to help you.

Our 3D rendering professionals are highly skilled with a wide range of CAD file types, so while converting your files there’s no risk of them accidentally deleting or messing up your files. Because we convert CAD files all the time we are also pretty quick, saving you time, money and the headaches that can come with trying to do your own conversions. Just ask us for a quote if you want us to do the task for you.

While CAD file conversion services elsewhere can sometimes be expensive, we focus on efficiency, meaning we can keep your costs as low as possible. As the number of files you want to convert increases, we can also often get the cost per file to decrease due to economies of scale. 

Online CAD file converters are not the best option for a number of reasons when it comes to converting your files. Using a professional service will enable you to have safe, working CAD files without having to worry about the compatibility and security issues which can sometimes come from online conversion tools.

If you need help or advice about the best way to convert your files, email or call +01 888 2022 052.

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