Besides Printed Circuit Board (PCB) prototyping and manufacturing, JCAD Inc. now also offers Firmware development services. Our knowledgeable team has the skills and experience to meet all the hardware and firmware requirements you need to bring your electronic invention to life.

When you create an embedded electronic product, you require custom developed firmware to make it function. Creating this firmware is not an easy task, as it requires a deep understanding of hardware platforms’ capabilities and embedded coding.

JCAD Inc. has worked for more than 10 years helping businesses of all sizes; from entrepreneurs to international corporations, taking their products from simple concept or idea, all the way through the production process and into reality, and we focus on providing high-quality, yet cost-effective solutions to our clients looking to develop firmware and electronic products.

Our electronic development team is ready to work with you to fulfill all of your project’s firmware requirements. Just give us a call on 1-888-202-2052, speak to us through live chat, or use the quick quote button below to find out how we can help you develop firmware for your next project.

What is Firmware? What’s the difference between firmware and software?


Embedded firmware is basically a kind of software that is less complex (most of the time) than the software you might find in your computer or smartphone (although these devices also have elements of embedded firmware in them). Firmware is often what dictates the functions of basic electronics; TV remotes, microwaves, washing machines, etc.

Firmware provides all the controls, monitoring and data that these devices require to function properly. It differs from software in that it is more of an inbuilt feature of a product, that is not easily updated or modified by users or technicians.

Every embedded hardware product requires firmware to collect instruction data from users, and to understand and then react to it by performing an action. Because of this, embedded firmware is intimately connected to its hardware.

Most of the time, firmware is stored in read-only memory (ROM), but nowadays it can also be held in programmable read-only memory (PROM), erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) or Flash memory types, with the latter being an excellent choice that allows the device to easily receive updates to the firmware simply by downloading it, a function which is much more difficult for other memory types.

Our New Firmware development services

At JCAD Inc. we offer a wide array of firmware development services., We have an outstanding team of specialists, who can handle any solution your product requirements, whether you need anything from high performance to low power operation.

Some of the basic features of our firmware development services are:

Embedded hardware and firmware

We are ready to integrate all of your embedded firmware software into your hardware, and we’re also equipped to design, prototype or manufacture your printed circuit boards before developing and integrating your firmware and architecture within them.

We often recommend that the team designing the hardware should be closely related with the team developing the firmware, that way they can ensure to work in the same development environments, have the same tools, and use the same terminology to avoid problems and conflicts. At JCAD Inc. we have both firmware and hardware design teams that can handle all aspects of your project.

Firmware programming

As we said before, for firmware programming to work properly, it requires a lot of things to work together, and deep understanding of the hardware’s electrical architecture, so we recommend that you do not try to DIY your firmware programming.

We can program or update your firmware in a variety of areas, whether your project is a wearable electronic device, an Internet of Things (IOT) product, industrial machinery, or anything else you can imagine. We have firmware developers capable of working in a variety of languages. Most projects are completed in embedded C or C++, but we can also work with Ada, Java and many more, if the project demands it.

Firmware specialization consulting

Our electronics engineering and manufacturing teams are extensively knowledgeable across all there is to know about firmware and product development. JCAD Inc. has been manufacturing and prototyping products for a long time now, and our experience allows us to give you insightful assessments about standards, regulatory requirements, and best practices when it comes to producing firmware. If you do not need a complete firmware design, but need an objective outside party to provide feedback or testing for your firmware, please talk to us about the solutions we offer.

Should you update your product’s firmware? It can be tricky, so only if you have too.

Usually the firmware of a product is incredibly hard to update or change.  This is because most common electronic product use ROM memory, and overwriting the data is a very complex task that can sometimes only be performed by the original manufacturer themselves.

Updating firmware stored in ROM is an expensive and complex process, that’s why when using ROM to store your firmware, it’s important to have very effective quality assurance processes in place, to make sure you get it right the first time! People don’t usually try to update their refrigerators, right?

When we talk about more complex or IOT connected products, the firmware often contains EPROM, Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) or Flash memory modules. With firmware in EPROM, the process to update firmware requires a bit of work, but it can definitely be done.

EEPROM and Flash memory modules, on the other hand, can be easily flashed and updated to upgrade the electronic device.

If you require an assessment of your current product in order to make updates or add features to the product’s firmware, just give us a call, let us know what you need and we’ll talk you through the quickest and most cost-effective approach to reach the outcome you need.

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