By Jason Vander Griendt

May 15, 2016 at 1:44 pm

Plastic PCB electrical enclosure boxes

An electrical PCB enclosure box after injection molding

PCB (printed circuit board) enclosure design is everywhere we look. From your iPhone to your smoke detector, there are electronics inside of these devices and the outer plastic cover plays an important role in their functionality.

Anything electronic needs to be contained inside a plastic enclosure usually made out of ABS plastic or similar to protect it from the elements. The list of design requirements that go into the enclosure’s design is very important, and will change depending on if its intended use will be outdoors, indoors, in cold or hot climates, or high or low operating temperature etc.

fabrication-of-pcb-enclosure-box Plastic injection molds for a PCB box

J – CAD Inc. has worked with numerous companies and individuals helping them design the perfect enclosure for their products or inventions. We can design an enclosure that will have the proper mounting stand offs to secure your PCB inside and help you choose the correct material for the application.

J – CAD Inc. is unique among PCB manufacturers, as we have the capacity to take our clients all the way from their electronic product idea with our electronic design services, into prototyping their whole product; from PCB box design, to prototype, and all the way to mass production, all within J – CAD Inc. That means you only have to deal with one company, and don’t have to worry about communication issues or mistakes being made as different companies fulfil different parts of the process.

3d-printed-plastic-pcb-electric-enclosure-box A 3D printed prototype for a PCB enclosure. Our 3D printed pcb boxes look like they came out of a mold!

After we design the box we can 3D print a prototype in very high precision (7 micron) and ship to you for testing. Once you receive it you can install your PCB and electronics and ensure that the enclosure is correct. If design changes are needed we can easily make them and 3D print a second prototype in less than a week for further testing. Prototyping in this way can save many thousands of dollars in manufacturing costs if you go directly to mass production without a prototype only to find their are design flaws that need altering before the PCB will be fit for purpose.

Once the prototyping phase is complete we can quote the mold tooling and plastic injection molding of your PCB enclosure for 1,000’s of pieces including shipping to your door.

PCB Enclosure Boxes

Here are a few examples of 3D CAD renderings we have created for PCB enclosure projects. You can use sketchfab to view them in virtual reality if you have a VR headset, or drag the diagrams to see the enclosures from multiple angles.

PCB Manufacture and Fabrication

When you request for PCB enclosures manufacturing, we assume you already have everything else you need for your product (hardware and firmware), but we also offer PCB prototyping, Firmware development and Schematic diagrams, if you require them.

Here is an example of the type of inquiry we get regarding manufacturing PCB enclosure boxes, where a client could send us an example of a similar PCB letting us know how to change it to their specifications:

Hey there, I’m currently working on a product with circuit board that needs a PCB enclosure. The PCB will need to be approx 50mm x 35mm. It needs to have three holes for switches and a dial, and will be attached to the backing plate for the circuit board by two screws.

Can you guys manufacture these for me as well as doing the initial CAD files and a mockup / prototype?

If you are in need of a custom designed PCB enclosure for your next project, don’t hesitate to get in touch, or get a quote today.

Also, if you require additional assessment on your electronic product’s design, prototyping and manufacturing, make sure you check out our electronic services.


Jason Vander Griendt

Jason Vander Griendt is a Mechanical Engineering Technician with years of experience working at major companies such as SNC Lavalin Inc, Hatch Ltd. Siemens and Gerdau Ameristeel. He is the CEO of JCAD – Inc., a company he started in 2006 after seeing a gap in the market for businesses who could assist clients through the entire product design and manufacturing process.

Jason has been featured in Forbes, has had his businesses analyzed and discussed in multiple start-up books, was a previous winner of the Notable8 Digital Innovator of the year award, and is a regular guest on business panels and podcasts. Email Jason at or follow him on LinkedIn.

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