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January 19, 2018 at 12:04 pm

As one of the fastest growing industries, 3D printing’s market is expected to rise up to $10 billion until 2020. This is happening due to the variety of beneficial uses additive manufacturing can be applied to. This world-changing innovation is designed to manipulate physical objects, allowing them to be converted into digital designed files and vice versa. As such, 3D printed products find their purpose in healthcare, automotive, industrial, aerospace, energy and other sectors.

When it comes to boundaries, there are none. Creativity is the main tool that’s demanded for the usage of a 3D printing machine. That’s the reason why mass customization will positively influence the rise of this industry, since the ideas will be provided worldwide. Being able to make products in their own way, people will be expanding the potential of innovations.

3D printing in the aerospace industry

There are always ongoing experiments when it comes to aerospace. 3DP products make them less expensive since it provides a lighter product, which reduces its weight maintaining the material strength.

NASA has recently tested a 3D printed rocket engine injector. This experiment provided them with 10 times more trustworthy explosion than the ones ran before. Inspired by this, many companies actuated the use of 3D printing machines not only for prototyping but even for their final production.

3D printing benefits in automotive industries

General Motors and Ford Motor Company were the first to experiment with 3D printing advantages. They are using 3D machines for prototyping the parts of their vehicles. They also used this technique to test those parts in certain situations.

Jim Kor, along with his team of engineers, is working on a vehicle that will mostly be 3D printed. The Urbee 2 is planned to be tested from New York to San Francisco upon completion. It is expected that this innovation will spend less energy than most other production cars.

Medical usage of 3D printing products

As one of the most important industries, medicine is also under the beneficial impact of 3D printing. Some creative ideas that found their realization through 3DP in this field are:

  •         Low-cost prosthetics that can be customized.
  •         3D printed skin for people that suffered burn damage.
  •         Orthopedic implants for elderly.
  •         Jaw surgery and knee replacements.

Nowadays, 3D Printing is more available to people, leaving them space to innovate in a wide variety of fields, including the bad ones. 3D printed guns were a viral topic once they were released into the public. While these ‘prototypes’ actually work, the question of our safety is on the rise.

The main reasons why this market is on a burst is because of its high degree of accuracy, ability to build customized and error-free products, less financial needs, simultaneous use of multiple materials along with the efficient use of raw materials. With these qualities, it’s obvious why consumer products industry is expected to be the highest revenue generating segment.


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